120+ Low-Competition Spirituality Sub- Niches for Bloggers

Spirituality sub-niches include the Law of Attraction, mindfulness, Yoga, meditation, faith healing, gratitude, spiritual music, spiritual coaching, spiritual rituals, spiritual wellness and spirituality fashion.

In fact, there are so many low-competition spirituality sub-niches that you might even find it difficult to decide which one to choose for your spirituality blog.

In the realm of religion alone, there is no end to the spiritual topics around which to build a successful spirituality blog.

According to Wikipedia, there are about 10,000 religions worldwide. Four of these religions, namely Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity account for over 77% of the world’s total population.

In this post, I will share with you a list of spirituality sub-niches for spiritual bloggers.

While some of these spirituality sub-niches are very popular among spiritual bloggers and YouTubers, others are relatively untouched low competition spiritual topics.

Are you ready to discover the best spirituality sub-niches for aspiring spiritual bloggers?

Whether you are a spiritual guru or a novice wanting to explore the subjects of spirituality, faith and religion through blogging, I can assure you that selecting one or two of the below topics for your blog will set you on the path to spiritual blogging success.

It is not enough to get the right spiritual sub-niche.

You see, finding your super spiritual blog topic idea for your supernatural website is just one of the many things you need to succeed as a spiritual content creator.

There are other equally important steps to take to make blogging in any spiritual sub-niche produce the results you want. But we shall leave all that for another post.

This is because the starting point for successful and profitable blogging is the choice of the right niche and the ability to zero it down to a manageable easy-to-rank sub-niche.

Now you know why it is important to choose from the best spirituality sub-niches.

Let’s get started.

Sub Niches Under Spirituality

Here comes a list of some of the best spirituality sub-niches available for faith bloggers.

The Law of Attraction




Mind Power


Faith Healing


Motivation and Inspiration


Bible Studies

Gospel Songs

Spiritual Quotes

Spiritual Books

Pastoral Courses

Spiritual Blogging

Quotes about Spirituality

Types of Spirituality

Gratitude Blog

Spirituality Questions and Answers

Universal Laws

Spiritual Coaching

Prayer Principles

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Out-of-the-Box Spirituality Sub Niches

Coming next are the kind of spirituality blog topics that not too many bloggers would ever consider. And this is what makes these creative spirituality blog ideas unique.

You may not have too much competition to deal with. But trust me, you will have a willing audience to serve.

The reason is very simple. A lot of people go online daily to search for answers to questions relating to these faith-based topics.

Just take a look.

History of World Religions

Biographies of Spiritual Teachers

Spiritual Travel and Tourism

Spiritual Education

Top Missionary Schools

Higher Education for Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Leadership

Mentorship in Spirituality

Spiritual Gurus on YouTube

Faith and Religion Breaking News

Spiritual Scandals

News About Faith

Spiritual Symbols

Symbols in Religion

Spiritual Fashion

Spiritual Fitness

Guidance and Counselling

Faith Healing

Biblical Themes

Animal Spirituality

Spiritual Wellness

Morning Devotionals

Spirituality Alternatives

Definitions in Spirituality

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More Low Competition Spirituality Blog Topics

Make sure you have enough knowledge or experience or both before choosing to blog about the below topics.

But hey, if you still want to give it a try with your limited knowledge or expertise in these spiritual matters, all you need is to get ready to research and learn about your preferred spirituality sub-niche.

And there is enough waiting for you out there to learn. You may even decide to find a spiritual mentor on YouTube to guide you along your spiritual blogging journey.



Minority Religions and Faiths

Spiritual Rituals

Monastic Life


Greatest Spiritualists of All Time

Spiritual Architecture/Religion and Architecture

Religion and Modernity

Science and Religion

Comparative Religion

Teachings of Zoroaster

The Pillars of Islam

Pillars of Hinduism

The Pillars of Buddhism

Pillars of Christianity

Religion-Based Courses (You may decide to create a review blog about religion-based online courses as an affiliate marketer. Check out the examples below.)


Finance-Related Spirituality Blog Topics

It is possible to build a profitable blog around the below sub-niches. As you can see, it is simply a matter of having enough passion for both sides of the same coin.

Do you love to talk about money or business issues? Are you also someone with a passion for spiritual matters?

Then it is highly probable that you will do well with any one of the below spirituality sub-niches.

Money and Spirituality

Entrepreneurship and Spirituality

Faith and Success

Spirituality Niche Products

Faith and Business

Group-Specific Spirituality Niche Topics

Spirituality for Kids

Women’s Spirituality

Individual Spirituality

Group Spirituality

Prison Life and Spirituality

Spirituality for Students

Spirituality for Singles

Relationship and Spirituality Sub-Niches

Love and Spirituality

Dating, Courtship and Spirituality

Faith in Marriage

Topics about Spirituality in Culture

Spiritual Music

Religious Dances

Gospel Music


Ethnic Group Oral Traditions about Spirituality

Religious Festivals

Myths and Religion

Ancient Religious Practices

Spirituality How-Tos

Spiritual Paths

Wars Inspired by Faith

Resolving Spiritual Conflicts

Ancient Greek Religion

Roman Religion

Religious Festivals

Spirituality and Death


Rites of Passage

Initiation Ceremonies

Agriculture and Spirituality

World Superstitious Beliefs


Spiritual Totems

West African Traditional Religion

Ancient Religions

African Deities

Deities in a Particular Culture

World Deities

Spirituality Sub-Niches from Nature

Wonders of the Universe

Plants and Spirituality

The Oceans and Spirituality

Rivers and Spirituality

Most Revered Mountains

Spirituality and the Seasons

Animal Worship

Myths in Religion

Spiritual Attacks

Evil Spirits

Good Spirits


Achieving Inner Peace

2 Bonus Spirituality Sub-Niches

Finally, let’s have two additional easy-to-start spirituality sub-niches.

Terms in Religion and Spirituality

Simply look for, define and explain terms like monotheism, theology, polytheism, atheism, agnostic, Yoga, and more).

Blogging about Spiritual Blogs

This is a great idea to explore. Here, your spiritual blog content will review or curate content from existing blogs in this niche.

Use your blog to educate the audience about what other spirituality niche bloggers are doing.

Here are examples of spirituality websites to start with.







Final Thoughts

From the list of spirituality sub-niches above, you can see clearly that there is a lot of room to manoeuvre when it comes to selecting a topic under spiritual blogging.

Some imagination spiced with creativity can give you a spiritual blog topic that is the right fit for you.

Do not forget to do the necessary keyword research for any spirituality sub-niche you have picked for its suitability in terms of search volume, level of competition and cost-per-click potential.

In case you have found out that you would prefer a different niche other than spirituality, I will urge you to take a look at these profitable health and wellness sub-niches. You might also want to consider lifestyle or fitness blogging topics or educational blog ideas on this site.

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