Top 22 Sports Websites in Ghana to Inspire You

The most visited sports websites in Ghana include Ghanaweb, Ghanasoccernet, Sports World Ghana, Ghana Sports Online, PeaceFM Sports, Citi Sports Online, 442GH, Kick Ghana, Sports24Ghana and

Would you love to start a sports blog that will make a name for itself like the most popular sports websites in Ghana are doing right now?

Do you have the passion to blog about the most popular sport in Ghana and the most successful football clubs in Ghana? Maybe all you want is to publish reports on the latest football news in Ghana.

The truth is the sports news blogging niche is one of the most lucrative online businesses you can find. But you must be willing to put in the work before you act on the idea to start a blog about sports.

The Best Sports Websites in Ghana Will Inspire You

What I want to do in this post is to inspire you. I’m going to give you the best examples of the most popular sports websites in Ghana.

You can take a lot of inspiration from what these sports blogs in Ghana are doing. Then you will have enough motivation to do likewise.

Are you ready to draw inspiration from some of the best-loved sports websites in Ghana?

Let’s get started.

BTW. The order in which the websites are mentioned is arbitrary. It’s never like the best to the worst or whatsoever.

1. SportsWorldGhana

This, clearly, is a home for everything sports. Expect to see on full display a large collection of sporting news. Sports World Ghana ranks quite high on Google suggesting that the guys there have a large following.

2. Ghana Sports Online

Ghana Sports Online is your home for sports. As one of the best-known sports websites in Ghana, it prides itself on showing the most entertaining sporting news from Ghana and other parts of Africa.

3. Ghanaweb

Ghanaweb is one of the most popular and most-visited sports websites in Ghana. But it is not just a sports website. Ghanaweb is more of a general news website with one particular department dedicated to the latest sports news in Ghana.

So apart from reporting on sporting activities and personalities, Ghanaweb has articles on politics, business, the economy, entertainment and even relationship.

At Ghanaweb, you will find interesting and up-to-date feature stories on sports in Africa and the rest of the sporting world.

4. Citi Sports Online

Are you someone who has an interest in multiple sporting disciplines? Then you will love what the people behind the Citi Sports Online website have on their menu.

5. GhanaSoccerNet

GhanaSoccerNet is for you if you love the magical game. This website also ranks high on Google. Count it among the most interesting sports websites in Ghana.

What do you want to see on your type of sports website for a Ghanaian audience? There is a high probability that GhanaSoccerNet will not disappoint you.

6 . GhanaManSports

When we are talking about the top sports websites in Ghana, we cannot do so without giving GhanamanSports a mention. It is a website that eats and drinks nothing but sports. You know what I mean.

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So, if you wish to have another sports website bookmarked in your browser, you can give GhanamanSports a place. Be sure to check out the Women’s Football menu item.

7. Footy-Ghana

Footy Ghana describes itself as Ghana’s most authoritative soccer website.

The footy can only mean football, right? What else?

This is why Footy-Ghana will just be the right fit for you if you’re mad about the beautiful game of soccer. Is it football/soccer news and fixtures you want to keep abreast of? Why not visit Footy-Ghana?

8. Sports24 Ghana

Well, these guys make sure they do not allow anything to stop them from satisfying your thirst for sports news in Ghana and elsewhere. That is why they give it their all – 24 hours!

You will find a variety of sporting news from athletics through boxing to football. Expect to experience the entertaining power of sports on this website.

9. KickGh

KickGh has a reputation for making sure its visitors never lack the best in news about the latest developments on the sporting scene. Trust them to give you something to love about Ghana football and other sports stories.

10. FootballGhana

The guys at FootballGhana play the game of football like nobody’s business. What I mean is that their main preoccupation is to make sure you get your football information the way you want it.

11. GhanaSportscenter

Count them among the most popular sports websites in Ghana. Unlike some other websites that dabble in non-sporting stuff, GhanaSportscenter is there to do just one thing: keep publishing the best local and foreign sports stories for the enjoyment of their fans.


Can we say enough about sports websites in Ghana without saying a word about the GhanaFA site? Well, this is the official website of the Ghana Football Association. So expect nothing but up-to-date coverage of all the football news that matters in Ghana.

13. 442 GH

A visit to the 442Gh website will show you what you may have been missing in your consumption of sporting information in Ghana. You will find news about sports in Ghana that is rare on other sports websites.

14. Football Made in Ghana

Ghanaians love their football. That’s a fact. No wonder, this website, whose name will keep reminding you about that German football programme, works hard to live up to expectations.

The creative people behind Football Made in Ghana have on display the kind of football stuff that keeps you busy the moment you land on their site.

15. Graphic Sports

Graphic Sports was my favourite in those newspaper days. Now, they have upped their game by giving their loyal fans a solid sports website they must love. Local sports news and sporting events on the international scene both have a right of place on the Graphic Sports website.

16. Joy Sports

Joy Sports is well known in Ghana and beyond. The parent website, MyJoyOnline, is the place to find reliable reportage on many human-centred issues. And that includes sports. So if you’ve still not got your full complement of sports websites in Ghana, you can give them a try.

17. PeaceFM Sports

This popular local news website has, for years, created a name for itself as one of the most reliable sports websites in Ghana. PeaceFM Sports give its visitors credible and most entertaining sporting news 24/7.

18. Modern Ghana

The sports section of this general news and entertainment site has some of the best sports reporters on the Ghanaian scene. Modern Ghana gives you anything you want to know about sports in Ghana.

19. PrimenewsGhana

Besides being a general news site, PrimenewsGhana has been able to bring to its raving fans, the kind of sporting news they love.

Is it soccer or any other sporting activity happening in Ghana that you want to learn more about? Trust PrimenewsGhana to satisfy your need.


As the address shows, NewsNow is a general news website that has a foothold in the sporting world beyond the shores of Ghana. Apart from entertainment, tech, politics, business and science, they do sports on a massive scale.

They’re simply good at giving you the best information on football and other sporting news from around the globe.

You can follow your favourite Ghanaian footballers in the English Premier League, La Liga and a host of others just by visiting the Newsnow website.


Pulse is another multi-topic website that finds time to tell you the latest happenings on the sporting scene. Pulse is among the best sports websites in Ghana and Nigeria. Their focus goes beyond reporting about sports in Ghana only. In fact, they cover any interesting sporting developments from any part of Africa and the rest of the world.


The Decathlon website operates as an eCommerce site. Its focus is on the sale of sports products and paraphernalia. They boast a wide variety of the latest sportswear and equipment in the industry today.

Wrapping it all up

So there you have it. Now you know where to find inspiration from the best sports websites in Ghana. It is now time to begin taking the necessary steps to start your own sports news blog. Just go and get it done and, trust me, before long, you will become a sports blogging superstar.

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