20 Blog Post Titles for an Entertainment Blog

Are you short of ideas for the best blog post titles for an entertainment blog? I’ve got some great blog post titles for African entertainment bloggers might want to check out.

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Be sure to download the PDF copy of this collection of best blog post titles for an entertainment blog in Africa.

Equally useful for non-African bloggers

All you need to do is change the name of the location in the below blog post titles for a typical entertainment blog and you’re good to go.

Let me quickly give you the entertainment blog post ideas that will add more value to your entertainment website.

1. 10 Most Hospitable Countries in Africa

With a bit of research and assistance from Google, you will find what to write under this blog article title. Be sure you give an honest assessment of the most hospitable places in Africa.

2. Top 20 African Tourism Websites

You can even change “African” to the name of a chosen African country. Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Gambia are just a few of the hot tourism spots in Africa. For that matter, you’re likely to find successful tourism websites in these African countries and more.

Feel free to draw inspiration from this Kenyan tourism website I found recently.

3. The Best 20 African Entertainment Websites

The number of entertainment websites in Africa is huge. This is why no entertainment blogger should have a problem finding the needed content for an article under this heading. Just type in the keyword on Google. You’ll be happy to see tons of websites talking and gossiping about celebrities and other developments on the showbiz scene in Africa.

4. Top 10 Travel & Tour Operators in Nigeria

Potential tourists from Europe, North America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world are continually searching for the best tour operators on the continent.. They want to deal with honest and reliable travel agencies and airlines. This growing demand for the best information on tourism in Africa is an opportunity for you to produce your one-stop content on your entertainment or travel blog.

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5. Top 10 Cultural Websites in Ghana

There is no denying the fact that Africa is a leading cultural destination. Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, and the like boast of a rich cultural heritage. Since many African countries have taken advantage of the foreign exchange revenue opportunities that cultural tourism continues to offer, we’ve also seen monumental growth in the number of websites dedicated to both national and continental cultures. So, what’s my point? All I want you to know is there is no scarcity of African blogs that produce quality content on culture.

You may even decide to increase the number from ten to twenty if you choose.

6. Top 10 Most Peaceful African Countries

As an African blogger, it is your duty to spread the good news about the emerging atmosphere of peace on the continent. The civil wars in places like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia are becoming part of the unfortunate conflict-prone past of Africa.

Still, there are many African countries which have largely escaped the scourge of war and civil unrest. Write your blog post to let the world know about peace in Africa. Because many expatriates are itching to visit and discover Africa for themselves. All they need is information about the most peaceful places. And this is where you come in as a blogger. Add this and similar blog post titles for an entertainment blog to your content strategy.

7. 10 Best Video Games You’ll Love

Let’s face it, entertainment blogging gets really profitable with content about video games. It could be downloads, live streaming, forums or what have you. Ask those entertainment bloggers who easily make big ad revenue from their blogs and they’ll tell you it’s worth doing.

So find time to write about video games if you have an interest in this area. And in case you want to know the best ad networks to monetize your traffic for quick and high blog income, try AdCash and PropellerAds.

8. Top 20 Reasons to Relocate to Kenya

Kenya is among those few African countries that people from the colder climatic regions of the world love to visit and stay. This is just one of many reasons you can give to convince your international readers to consider Kenya as a place to live. Are you in Malawi or Mauritania? Give the reasons why foreigners should feel safe coming to live in your country.

9. Top 50 Most Influential Nigerian YouTubers

To be frank with you, I admire the amazing work being done on YouTube by young Nigerian YouTubers like the super productive Fisayo Fosudo. In fact, there are tons of others out there doing superbly well. For that matter, you won’t find it difficult getting the fifty most influential YouTubers in Nigeria.

But remember the number is just a suggestion. It’s absolutely okay to trim it down to even five if that’s what fits you.

10. Top 10 Websites that Teach You to Prepare a Ghanaian Dish

Wow! Come on. Don’t you think it’ll be fun writing under this kind of blog post title for an entertainment blog coming from Africa? Then what are you waiting for? Find out the information you need to show your visitors which catering websites they can visit to learn more about “waakye” and “Jollof” preparation for example.

11. Top 20 Funniest Nigerian Movies of All Time

There’s more than enough to talk about if you decide to write under this category of blog post titles for an entertainment blog in Africa. Quickly, your mind should be playing games with popular Nollywood names like Aki and Pawpaw, Mr Ibu (my man), Mr Osuofia, Emmanuella and a lot more. You need not look too hard to assemble the titles of the funniest Nigerian or Ghanaian movies.

12. The Best 10 Traditional Food Joints in Kampala

Africans love their food. No wonder food blogging has become a lucrative online business in many African countries. Are you a food blogger? Are you aware that you’re part of the entertainment blogging fraternity on the continent?

Can you honestly tell me that delicious food gives you no joy? It does give joy to others too. And in places like Uganda, one of the best blog topics for an entertainment blog must be the one that is meant to show where bachelors, singles and fun-loving beautiful African women want to have their next meal outdoors.

Get ready for massive traffic to your blog the moment you start publishing content on traditional food joints in your area.

13. Top 20 African Music Legends

Ever heard of Salif Keita? What of Manu Dibango and Hugh Masekela? And Mariam Makeba? Don’t ever forget Fela from Naija lest all the ghosts of the legends of African music who are no more with us will never forgive you for committing such an abomination. Osibisa from Ghana was not an individual but the band was a phenomenon. You can’t overlook them when writing on African music legends for an entertainment blog.

14. Top 10 Most Controversial African Politicians of All Time

Surely, you’ll begin to court controversy the moment you start talking about African politics on your blog. Because you and I are aware of the things politics tend to do to people’s judgment and emotion in Africa. So you need to thread carefully-ooo. Aaaahh.

But hey, your job is to entertain your audience. on your African entertainment blog. You can’t afford to write about boring stuff. So bring some heat on board.

You need the comments for your SEO. And there’s so much commentary to generate from your readers just by suggesting the names of those African politicians you consider to be the most controversial of all time.

You can even try focusing on a specific country or region in Africa for your most controversial African politicians.

Should Mobutu Sese Seko make your list? What of the emperor himself? I mean Emperor Bokassa. Idi Amin? Would you consider Muammar Gaddafi? I leave everything to you.

15. Best 10 Most Glamorous Shopping Malls in Africa

This will definitely take some work to do especially if you’re not into shopping malls. But there’s no information you can’t find on the internet. You will find when you ask the search engines. And I’m sure there are high-end spenders out there who would be interested in information about the best shopping malls in a particular African country or the continent as a whole.

16. Top 10 Places for Outdoor Activities in Kumasi

Are you an entertainment blogger in Kumasi, Ghana? Again, whether you find yourself blogging about entertainment from Lusaka Zambia, Lagos Nigeria or Kigali in Rwanda, know that you’ll be attracting a decent amount of traffic to your website just by giving information about places people can go for recreational outdoor activities. Because I’ve found that demand for such information is on the rise in Africa.

17. The Best 10 African Footballers in the English Premier League

Africans of all ages love their football. And when it comes to their current national stars they simply go gaga. You’re sure to quickly turn your visitors into raving fans just by giving them information such as this on your entertainment website. And with repeat visitors adding to a growing number of new organic traffic, you’ll have set your entertainment blog on the road to massive success.

18. Top 5 Most Successful South African Football Clubs

I know of Orlando Pirates. Would you readily include them in your list of the most successful football clubs in South Africa? Now, if you’re from Sierra Leone or Liberia, talk more about the successful football clubs you’ve got around. You can even include President George Weah. That’s anytime you have to write a blog post on the most successful African footballers.

19. Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals in Africa

This, among the blog post titles for an entertainment blog from Africa, will be of huge interest to tourists from other parts of the world. Especially those who are devoted, wildlife lovers and conservationists. Perhaps you’d like to make mention of the eagle, giraffe, zebra, the lion and others.

But I can’t decide for you. What I can tell you, though, is this. You’ve got a large enough audience ready to visit your blog to consume information of this nature.

20. Top 20 Funniest Jokes Africans Love Making

Finally, finally. I’ve heard of some jokes exclusive to Africa that easily make me laugh uncontrollably. Do you know of any such jokes? It’s okay to try the funniest proverbs or sayings you know as well. You’ll, at least, put a smile on the faces of some of your readers or listeners who just come around occasionally to wash away their worries with a good dose of entertaining content.

Final word

People will always love entertainment. This is why the entertainment niche is considered to be one of the most profitable niches for bloggers. I’ve tried to give you inspiration as to some of the best blog titles for an entertainment blog in Africa. Go ahead and write on as many of these blog titles as you can.

20 Blog Post Titles for an Entertainment Blog

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