The True Meaning of Making Money Blogging

Today, I want you to listen to me as I explain the meaning of making money blogging. Do you have a burning desire to start earning some passive income by publishing content online? Then this post is for you.

Something is interesting to know about the popular idea of making money blogging when you set yourself on the journey of a beginner blogger.

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In the beginning, you believe that your blog is THE business. So you spend time consuming all the information on the internet about how to quickly start making money blogging.

You need to pay the bills, at least.

You see, the thinking quickly develops and takes hold of the whole you that this blog of yours, somehow, will sooner or later bring in the cash. You’re acutely aware of the simple fact that your hosting and other costs need to be paid for by this online venture.

This is the least you expect from your blog. Well, that was the way I too thought about it at the beginning. Completely legitimate.

So you blog big. Then you blog a bit more. You take all those blog monetization strategies and implement them haphazardly on your website. If you’re lucky, some coins will come into your advertising side of things. Maybe a few affiliate marketing pennies too.

But that is it. Nothing that encouraging.

On the whole, the promise of the five-figure and six-figure revenue this or that blogging ‘expert’ dangled before your bulging eyes as you consume their own affiliate link-loaded content has started becoming a mirage.

Now you begin to wonder why. Do bloggers really make money blogging? What do all these folks mean when they shout out loud you can make money blogging?


Destination Google

The obvious search term you now place on poor old Google’s already burdened shoulder is “is blogging worth it”? Or, “is blogging still profitable in 20 … blah blah blah?

Trust Google Suggest to end it nicely for you: IS BLOGGING STILL PROFITABLE IN 2021, 2044? Whaaaat?

What this overzealous response from Google is pointing out to you is this. Thousands, if not millions, of beginner bloggers like you are searching for this same information. So you see, you’re not alone after all.

But the search results come up with screaming headlines that summarily tell you, OF COURSE, YES, BUT ….


This is where you realize you’ve misunderstood or you’ve been led to misunderstand what it truly means to say you can start making money blogging if you don’t quit too early.

Folks don’t make money by just simply blogging.

No, it doesn’t work that way. At least not for the majority of bloggers who make a living out of their trade.

Here is the actual meaning of making money blogging that begins to come up as you dig out more information.


So how the heck do I earn an income as a blogger? I mean solid passive income via blogging like Pat Flynn or … The list is endless. Clearly, you’re getting frustrated. Maybe you should just quit this fruitless venture and find something better to do with your time. The naysayers have told you countless times but you refused to listen.

Great move.

Just remain stone-deaf to the negative noise. You only need to get the true meaning of making money blogging. And with a bit of luck, the money will begin to flow.

A blog is nothing more than a marketing tool.

Did you hear that? Repeat after me, then. A BLOG IS THE GREATEST MARKETING TOOL THERE IS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Period and full stop combined.

Luckily, you chance upon a single obscure post somewhere that tells you exactly the way it is. A BLOG IS SIMPLY A MARKETING TOOL FOR A CERTAIN BUSINESS.

Then follows the million-dollar question.

Should I build a business around my blog or a blog around my business?

You need to build a business around your blog to make it thrive. Or is it that you need to build a blog around your business? Which one comes first? The business/product or the blog/website? I think the answer is obvious.

Build your blog around a business/product

If you ask me, I’d say the second approach is what explains the meaning of making money blogging. You’ve got a business/product going. Then you need to put the word out there and attract customers to your products and services.

That means you must promote or market the business/product. There are traditional methods of doing this. Adverts in traditional media like TV, radio newspapers, billboards and posters are key examples.  

But with the coming of the internet and all the changes happening to consumer behaviour as a result, the new kid on the block is content marketing.

More and more businesses (micro, small, medium and big time) are beginning to see the power of blogs packed with helpful information to get the eyes and wallets of internet surfers. To see what they are selling while they come in to consume super-useful content. And to pay for them. This is the simple logic behind blogging, aka content marketing. 

And here lies the actual meaning of making money blogging.

Quality and helpful blog content that is well-promoted quickly brings a lot of traffic to your business – whether it is a brick-and-mortar business or an online one.

Because human beings will forever seek information to solve problems or deal with the challenges they face to have a better life.

With the right sales funnel in place, converting casual visitors to your website/blog into raving fans and active customers becomes a matter of course.

Blogging has become an indispensable money-making tool for businesses.

This is why I believe that, as bloggers, we must have a business first and then build a blog around it.

So, while the blog helps to get the people who eventually begin to trust and buy your products, it isn’t, in fact, the blog per se that is making you the money. Your primary business is.

A simple analogy will do here.

When a TV station, a newspaper or a radio station helps you with advertisements to get more customers who bring you more money, it is definitely not the media house that is your business from which you’re making the money.

A blog, if you like, is just like any one of these media outlets. Just that a blog is an online thing into which you personally invest so much of your time and energy. You may as well employ a freelancer or two to do much of the heavy lifting.

This must explain why it often looks and feels like the blog is the real business. But it is not.

Stop blogging in vain.

Here is a timely revelation for you. If you don’t realize that you need to build the blog around a primary business or product, you will be blogging in vain.

What you must know is that things like affiliate marketing, selling ad space on your blog, and producing and selling info products are all businesses in themselves and need to be treated as such. They are what I love to call the money cow that gives your blog a lifetime value in terms of consistent, everlasting passive income.

This is why some suggest that the best approach is to pick only one or a limited number of these activities and focus on making them succeed. Trying to bundle them all together may not take you anywhere.

Personally, for now, I’ve decided to focus my attention on the sale of ad space as well as information products and consulting services/freelancing only. 

Last word

Now you’ve got your finger firmly on the meaning of making money blogging. I trust that you will be able to find the right approach to deploy your blog content to market these products and services to potential buyers. Go ahead and have a profitable … blog … no, a profitable business supported by a great, modern marketing tool – your awesome blog.

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The True Meaning of Making Money Blogging

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