14 Ways to Create a Profitable Blog

Right from day one, all I’ve ever wanted to do is to create a profitable blog. I’ve considered my online writing activities as part of a bigger digital publishing business adventure. Therefore, creating a blog that’s profitable enough to take care of the expenses and also allow me to afford the lifestyle I want is a must for me. I guess it’s the same for you too

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My dream is to make it big as a digital media person from Ghana and Africa if you know what that means. For that matter, I’ve never stopped finding the best ways to create a profitable blog.

Today, here I am to share with you some secrets I’ve uncovered regarding the steps every blogger must take in order to create a profitable blog that makes real passive income.

You must have already been acting upon some of these tips on how to build a profitable blog; but hey, a little reminder wouldn’t spoil anything, would it?

1. Have a simple business plan.

Take a second look at “simple” if you haven’t done that yet.

You need not go for a Harvard University MBA model of a business plan.

All you and I ever need to achieve reasonable success in our digital publishing business is a clear roadmap that will get us to our destination.

For example, decide how you intend to monetize your traffic. And if you’re interested in working with the best ad networks for real blog profit, I’ll recommend PropellerAds and AdCash. These two give you real blog passive income regardless of your location in the world.

2. Get a bigger vision and be clear about it.

Stop playing it small, if that is what you’ve been doing. Always dream big for your online writing business. This is the surest road to creating a profitable blog.

For me, my vision is to keep growing my digital media business where, ultimately, I can offer a good number of content marketing services and information products like ebooks.

By the way, you can check out Draft2Digital if your goal is to easily write and sell ebooks online.

Such products and services include branding, marketing, writing and publishing, training, web design and news media – all under one umbrella company name.

My client base comprises people who need Internet marketing services. I’m looking at individuals, beginner bloggers, freelancers, network marketers, eCommerce wannabes, NGOs and micro to small business operators – traditional or online.

I work with both in-house and virtual assistants to realize my goals.

Tell me, do we both have similar goals? Or yours is something different?

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3. Find your motivation.

We all choose to do one thing instead of another for a purpose. So what is your purpose for deciding to become a blogger? Your purpose will drive you to create a profitable blog you’ll be proud of.

What is it that motivates you each day to get up and get going? Is it money? Is it job satisfaction? Independence and freedom?

Are you looking for fulfilment? Maybe it’s all about a childhood dream fueled by an inborn talent. You know true success and happiness will only come to you if you have the chance to write and publish your ideas.

For me, this is it. It is also about independence and freedom. And these are what keep me going despite the many challenges.

I don’t know about you. But I believe there is something motivating you. Find it, take it and make it give you the best reason to work for your own brand of what people call success.

4. Get A Dependable Super-Fast WordPress Theme

Frankly, I don’t see any need to beat about the bush here. So I’ll therefore be honest with you. The Astra theme is one of the best WordPress themes out there. Let me just give you a few reasons why you need to consider the Astra theme for your blog.

  • Astra is easy to use.
  • The Astra theme is clean and a delight to watch in action.
  • Astra is strong for SEO.
  • The Astra Pro plugin price is one of the lowest on the market. You pay a yearly license fee and you can use it on as many websites as you wish.
  • It has an active and really helpful community on Facebook

The above are just a few advantages that the Astra WordPress theme from Brainstorm Force has over its competitors.

You may as well start with the FREE version which has amazing features too.

Feel free to check this post for more FREE WordPress themes if you want to look around before making a choice.


5. Start operating like a normal business.

Wear the CEO’s cap and wear it boldly with pride. Never let the impostor syndrome undermine your zeal to go out there and be all you can be.

  • Work with processes and with properly-structured systems.
  • Get one or more people to assist you.
  • Have time-bound achievable goals.
  • Keep improving on your time management skills.

And above all, in order for you to create a truly profitable blog, discipline yourself to do all the things that need to be done.

6. Invest your money and other essential resources.

After careful consideration, act to invest in your digital publishing business. One of the essential tools you need to start a successful business is an easy-to-use WordPress theme. LINK ASTRA

You might also want to quickly start using a reliable platform for designing your graphics. I would recommend that you go for Canva anytime you are ready to invest some money into the look of your blog.

But hey, it is entirely possible to start with Canva for FREE and upgrade later.

Yes, it’s largely meant to be a virtual business. Some love to call it the laptop lifestyle of a digital nomad.

You can float and fly around like a butterfly but still earn money with your blog, right? So you need the essential tools.

With that, there is nothing stopping you to reach for the sky. You can even decide to run your own show on top of your dining table.

7. Start Creating Some Ad Revenue

I am a firm believer in the idea that any business that is going to thrive must start paying for its own costs as soon as possible. For us bloggers, making advertisement revenue is one of the easiest ways to start making money on a new blog.

This is why you need to apply to join some ad networks for publishers as soon as you begin to see some traffic on your blog.

PropellerAds, for example, can help you create some really cool passive income. Do not forget the almighty Adsense. Most people who now have ultra-successful blogs started making cents on Adsense. But today, they have gone far beyond that.

8. Add non-competing multiple streams of passive income (NCMSPI)

It’s always going to be a sound business move to act to diversify your product base and income sources. The proverbial idea of not putting all your eggs in one single basket still makes a lot of sense.

So, find products and services that can complement (not compete with) your flagship products. Make them begin to generate extra revenue for your business.

Many bloggers have done so successfully with both digital and physical products like mugs, T-shirts, caps, consulting services and a lot more.

Personally, I sell ebooks on Draft2Digital. You can check out my books on major online stores around the globe here.

9. Connect with influencers in your niche.

They can mentor you or give you direction anytime you need help. Through them, your business blog will gain more traffic. With more traffic coming in, you’ll be on the right path in your effort to create a profitable blog.

Some may even offer to invest in your digital publishing business especially when they see the potential for growth and profit.

10. Keep learning to keep improving

I am a fan of lifelong learning. This is why I have a blog dedicated to promoting lifelong learning. It is what has made it possible for me to change my career at this stage of my life.

The more we learn, the more relevant we get in our fast-changing technology-driven world.

This is why you really need to learn to acquire more knowledge and new skills. Trust me, continuous learning can help you to create a profitable blog.

Where to learn?

The internet is home to lots of educational resources on virtually every topic you can think of. Most of these are free to access and use. I urge you to take advantage of these in order to keep performing at your very peak.

11. Watch out for fraudsters and toxic people.

It’s really a jungle, this internet is. It is here that you’ll find the good, the bad and the ugly.

There are people online whose only source of enjoyment is to make others miserable. While some of these negative people go about their activities in a bold and direct manner, there are others who disguise themselves by pretending to have only your best interests at heart.

You will need to develop the skills to spot these dangerous human beings. Because at stake are your years of toil and sacrifice.

Some could strip you of all your earnings while some would attack and hack your sensitive online accounts.

You will encounter many people online who are capable of making sure you’re never able to be as productive as you would love to be.

Others would simply steal your content. So, beware.

12. Pursue branding and marketing aggressively.

As T. Harv Eker puts it, in whatever business you find yourself in, you must first and foremost consider yourself as being in the business of marketing.

Because without marketing, no one knows you. And they don’t know your products exist.

To create a profitable blog, you must put in the effort to create awareness among potential customers about your product or service.

Now, you and I know that without the sales, your business is as good as dead.

Never overlook the fact that your personal branding and business branding are vital components of your overall blog marketing strategy.

And remember, choosing the right theme for your blog will make a huge difference.

13. Remain positive and determined.

In Africa where I live, there is still a disproportionate segment of the population that are yet to know much about what blogging or digital publishing business is all about.

You can see that creating a profitable blog in Africa, in particular, is not easy at all.

For that matter, if you’re coming from these places or a similar location on the world map, you will need to keep your ears and heart shut to all the negative reactions and feedback that will surely be coming your way.

Just remember that you are mostly operating online. For that reason, the whole world is your marketplace.

Fortunately for you and me, the more advanced and more technologically savvy regions are a key part of that market.

So do not let what’s happening in your immediate environment discourage you. Persist, because I know for sure that it’ll not take too long before our people will also become active participants in the digital revolution.

14. Focus and consistency matter

You cannot be everything to everyone. This is one key piece of advice I’ve read or heard a couple of times as I look for more information about how to create a profitable blog.

It’s good and timely advice so I urge you to take it seriously.

The reality is the number of opportunities on the internet is simply staggering. If you’re not careful, you’ll change your mind every thirty minutes especially if you’re the type that enjoys looking around a lot.

But as the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

What you must be doing right now for your online writing business to succeed is to know and believe in the particular business model you want to operate. Then stick to it no matter what.

Hammering consistently on the same spot all the time will gradually begin to give you the results you want.

Start creating a profitable blog today

I’ve no doubt in my mind that the above tips and many others I share with you on this website will assist you to create a profitable blog. All you need to do is to begin implementing the ideas, one day at a time.

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