Top 6 Best Categories for an Entertainment Blog

Are you stuck not knowing how to choose the best categories for an entertainment blog you’ve just started? I’ve got good news for you.

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The results of extensive research I’ve been doing of late about how bloggers choose categories for an entertainment blog are so revealing. One key factor I’ve identified as the source of the massive success of most showbiz blogs is this. Entertainment blogs that focus on just a few of the categories I’m about to show you are able to attract a large number of visitors. The pageviews are astonishingly high and I know that will definitely impact their blog revenue positively.

This is why I suggest that you follow their lead. Select and focus on the below categories for an entertainment blog. Then focus on delivering super useful content in these categories to witness the results you’ve always dreamt about for your entertainment blog.

1. Gossip

All one ultra-successful entertainment blogger, Linda Ikeji of Nigeria, does is churn out a good dose of hot celebrity gossip to her website visitors. She spices it all with some very disturbing social interest news on murder, rape, defilement and a whole lot more.

Then they come in their millions to consume the gossip many of us love. And they keep asking for more details about the lives of politicians and Nollywood movie stars like Yul Edochie, Chika Ike, Rita Dominic (my favourite actress from Naija!), Mr Ibu (can’t do without him), Kanayo O. Kanayo (won’t stop fascinating me) and all the others.

So, wherever you’re blogging from, research your content and write gossip stuff. Talk about your favourite musicians, actors, extraordinary happenings and what have you. Just make sure you stay on the safer side of the law.

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2. Biographies

Biographies happen to be one of the often-overlooked categories for an entertainment blog. The last time I saw one Nigerian entertainment blogger doing this so well. They have an extensive collection of well-researched biographies on almost any individual they know their readers will be itching to know more about.

In the titles, this entertainment blogger loves to add an open question, “dead or alive?” It is a very creative way to shock and move the visitor to take a second look at the blog post.

Whether you want to add the “dead or alive” bit or not, just make sure you make detailed biographies one of your categories for an entertainment blog.


When you want to make really good ad revenue through such well-paying ad networks like PropellerAds and AdCash, then I will urge you to consider adding Downloads to your website menu bar.

With video and audio/music downloads as one of your categories for an entertainment blog, trust me, you will go places with your blog. It’s very likely you’ll witness growth in popularity. The prospect of making a handsome passive income from your content also gets brighter when you offer free downloads.

4. Interviews

Your fans will love you for it if the interviews are streaming live. Because they love to hear from the horse’s own mouth. They want to know what’s going on in the minds of both accomplished musicians and the new up-and-coming sensations. Their love lives, their challenges and everything there is to know.

So, if you can, make interviews one of the categories on your entertainment website.

5. Photos

Devote a category on your blog to clean and highly optimized images of celebrities and popular social events. I mean things like engagements and weddings, birthday parties and even funerals. People really love to view these pictures so give them as much as you can.

6. News (Entertainment industry news)

There are many ways to get the latest news from the showbiz industry for your entertainment blog. One is to just look around and see what your colleague entertainment bloggers are writing about. Another is to have a team of your own who spend time digging for relevant entertainment news.

What areas must you cover? Well, sports (especially football if you have an African audience), the latest movie premiers and a good dose of interesting political stuff are all great ideas to try.

Don’t forget to include shocking social interest stories like the ones I told you (under point #1) I found on Linda Ikeji’s blog.


You don’t need too many categories for an entertainment blog. Let’s not forget this. Laser-sharp focus niche blogging is one of the keys to becoming a successful blogger. This is why you must stick to just a small number of categories for your entertainment blog. Why don’t you try the above? I know they’ll make you get the blog traffic you want and need to survive in your blogging business.

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