Best 8 Ways Educational Blogs Make Money

Most educational blogs make money through display ads, affiliate marketing the sale of educational materials such as textbooks and lesson plans, membership subscriptions, sale of courses, one-on-one test prep coaching, organizing online and offline events, writing sponsored posts and freelance writing.

Do you want to know the details about how to make money from an educational blog? Well, I’ve got some interesting answers for you if you’re wondering how teacher blogs make money.

My goal in this post is to convince every beginner teacher blogger out there that it is entirely possible to make good revenue from an educational blog.

For that matter, if you haven’t yet started making any money with your educational blog, you need not get too worried. You can still make money from your teacher blog despite the early rough start. It can really get shockingly better over time.

What Is An Educational Blog?

Now if you’re wondering what an educational niche blog is, I would urge you to take a look at this article.

Do you want to learn more about how to write a blog post that rocks? Then you really need to see what it takes to write an effective blog article.

With that out of the way, shall we now jump in to learn how a good number of educational bloggers are making their money?

Remember that most methods of generating educational blog revenue are geared towards the creation of an ever-flowing stream of passive income.

It does not matter whether it is dawn, midday or midnight. The revenue model of blogs, teacher blogs included, is usually designed to bring in a constant flow of passive income.

In other words, a well-managed blog with the right design does not need the owner’s presence in order to deliver the goods.

Look at the ways educational blogs make money.

1. Display Ads

Most ‘senior bloggers’ love to tell newbie bloggers that the starting point of monetizing a new blog’s traffic is advertising. And this is quite true.

There are multiple ad networks out there waiting for you to come over, sign up and get their ad tags to add to your educational blog.

Display ads allow businesses to form a partnership with publishers or webmasters. In the middle is the ad network which only serves as a moderator.

When visitors interact with the ads on your site, the ad network and you make money. And you the publisher usually get the lion’s share of that ad revenue.

You can check out the below article to see how the Propeller Ads ad network, for example, shares ad revenue with publishers.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular ad networks many educational bloggers are happy to work with today.

Propeller Ads

Google Adsense







2. Affiliate Marketing

There is so much published content about affiliate marketing that I will spare you the ordeal of reading the same definition of affiliate marketing you’ve most probably read multiple times already.

So let’s place the definition of Affiliate marketing aside.

Suffice it to say that you are engaged in the business of affiliate marketing if you manage to convince other people to allow you to promote their goods or services for them so that, in return, you will receive a commission from the sales revenue on every unit of item sold.

Affiliate marketing remains a great way of making passive income with a teacher blog. All you need to do is to find the best ways to promote the affiliate product on your educational blog. It is also necessary that you choose the right profitable products.

When you are able to create a rock-solid content strategy for your blog, you too can begin earning affiliate revenue on your teacher blog.

3. Sale of Educational Products

These can be ebooks or print documents. It all depends on your overall blog income strategy. See below examples of educational products to offer for sale on your website.


Exams with Certificates


Print Books

Lesson Plans

4. Membership Subscriptions

You can make money from your educational blog by selling subscriptions to your site visitors. Here is a brief description of how a membership site for an educational blog works.

You reserve some awesome content to be given to logged-in users.

Since this content is safely placed behind a paywall, only those who pay you a specified amount via PayPal, Credit Card or any other online payment gateway will be allowed to log in and access the premium content.

Please note that, like all other forms of monetization, you need to study your audience carefully before deciding if a particular method is the best fit for them. Because there are many times that no one will show an interest in your offer. It has happened to me before.

5. One-on-One Coaching

Test-prep coaching remains one of the best avenues of making money on an educational blog. This is great if most visitors to your blog are students, teachers and other mature workers.

You, the teacher, arrange the time for the coaching session with the client. Demand full payment for your service upfront, if you like.

Quite often, however, it is great to share the risk between your prospective client and yourself. This is done by demanding only a part payment of the money upfront. And when the client is satisfied, they can now pay the balance at an agreed time.

6. Events

Granted, it is not in all parts of the world that a teacher blogger can organize exclusive events for their blog visitors. Nevertheless, it still works.

At such events, the publisher can sell or promote the products. The event may also be an exclusive one where only a certain group of visitors are allowed to become part after paying a ‘gate fee’.

7. Sponsored Posts

Some bloggers take on the business of promoting other businesses’ products on their websites. Usually, sponsored posts are promotional articles published on other people’s websites. Buyers of this service are expected to pay the blogger handsomely.

8. Freelance Writing

Finally, freelance writing is among the best methods of making money with an educational blog. The job of a freelance SEO writer is to produce blog content according to the wishes of the employer, so to speak.

But it remains the freelancer’s duty to come up with a great copy that is worth the money spent.

Final Thoughts

Believe me, if done right, your teacher blog can pay the bills and do even more. Granted the direct income generated from an educational blog may not make one rich overnight.

But I have convinced myself that it is not only personal finance blogs or health and fitness blogs that are making six-figure incomes. Educational blogs are equally profitable. So let no one discourage you. With hard work, planning and commitment, you definitely can make money from your educational blog

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