Best 14 Personal Finance Blog Examples to Inspire You

Financial Samurai, Money Saving Mom, Cash Cow Couple, Get Rich Slowly, Rent Café, The Balance,, Money Ning and Budgets Are Sexy are among the most popular personal finance blog examples you will find online.

Almost every personal finance blog is saying something about pretty much the same core topics in the finance niche. In most cases, it is going to be about making money, budgeting and spending, saving, banks, credit cards, investments, insurance, small business startup, retirement planning and the like.

This is why I personally do not see the need to burden you with too many examples of personal finance blogs.

We shall focus on the details of a few finance blogs that I consider enough to inspire you to begin and grow your own personal finance blog even today.

Beneath those, I will add a list of other examples of personal finance blogs for you to go and investigate. That is if you still think some additional information from other equally great finance websites is necessary for your unique situation.

Are you ready to learn how to go about starting or growing your own personal finance blog? Then come with me as we explore the important features of the below personal finance blog examples.

1. Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen’s finance blog, Financial Samurai, focuses on real estate investment, personal finance and financial products.

He is the author of Buy This, Not That, a WSJ bestselling book on personal finance strategy and spending habits.

Topics covered on Financial Samurai include debt, automobiles, big government, credit score, career, budgeting and savings.

Monetization Method

Prominent among the monetization methods are display ads from possibly Ezoic, Mediavine or AdThrive.

Titles for Your Inspiration

Two articles I find interesting on this blog are

  • How to Retire Early And Never Have to Work Again
  • Combating Food Inflation by Investing in Farmland

2. Money Saving Mom

This personal finance blogger writes about managing family finances, earning an income, frugal living, getting out of debt and budgeting among others.

Monetization Methods

She uses display ads and serious affiliate marketing as part of her blog monetization strategy.

Titles for Inspiration

  • 10 Ways to Make $100 With Your Blog
  • 40+ Income Earning Ideas You Can Start Right Away

3. Cash Cow Couple

This couple writes about minimalist spending, budgeting, Investing, the Stock Market and how to be on top of your personal finance matters.

So how do they monetize their personal finance blog? Advertising and affiliate marketing are part of the monetization strategy on Cash Cow Couple.

Titles to Inspire You.

  • Personal Capital: The Easiest Way to Manage Your Finances
  • What is Financial Planning and Why Should You Care?

4. Rent Café

Another exciting example of personal finance blogs is Rent Café.

They blog about home rentals, real estate transactions, saving on rentals, luxury apartments, cost reduction and more.

At Rent Cafe, the primary target audience is US residents looking for apartments to rent in any state.

Titles to Inspire You

  • What Are Apartment Utilities and How Much Will They Cost Me?
  • Luxury House Rental on Top of the Hollywood Hills With the Best View in LA

5. Wallet Squirrel

The guys at Wallet Squirrel write about creative ways to open multiple income streams, savings tips and investing advice.

One unique thing about Andrew and Adam is that they actually practice what they preach while sharing their lessons with readers.

Titles to Inspire You

  • How to Choose the Best Home Insurance
  • How to Make Money in College Without Dropping Classes

11 Best Relationship Niche Blog Ideas

80 Best Sub-Niches in Finance (and How to Make Them Work)

Best 8 Ways Educational Blogs Make Money

Solved: Can’t Edit WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Merge Categories in WordPress

The most popular posts at Wallet Squirrel include the following.

  • 10 Things to Do If You Lost Your Job and Need Money Now
  • 11 Ways You Can Make Money in the Metaverse

6. MoneyNing

Frugal living, investing and money management are the main themes on the MoneyNing blog.

Titles for Inspiration

  • Break These 5 Money Rules to Mend Your Finances
  • How I Got Over My Shopping Addiction. Display Ads Monetization. Yes. AdSense and Ezoic.

Monetization Method

The most visible monetization method on the Money Ning website is display ads from Google Ads.

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They write about personal loans and business loans, insurance, and stock trading. At, you will also find articles on cryptocurrency. For example, bitcoin, Celsius, Ethereum, EOS, Filecoin and Gnosis

In addition, educates its audience on other finance topics like bank accounts, credit cards, money transfers, and investments.

Titles to Inspire You

  • How to Buy and Sell Stocks Online
  • 5 Tips to Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio Today

8. The Balance

The Balance is in a class of its own when it comes to financial blogging. It covers almost every topic under economics and finance. Examples are US financial news, economics, banking, loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, taxes and budgeting.

Titles for Your Inspiration

  • Best Car Loans
  • Best Personal Loans
  • How to Save Money As a Teenager

9. The Best Interest

‘Unique’ is the adjective I would use to describe the tone of The Best Interest if you asked me. Because its tone is unique among all the personal finance blogs we have listed in this post.

The Best Interest finds a way to mix personal finance with philosophical wisdom. Its articles sound a philosophical tone with references to ancient Greek ideas on pleasure, pain and so on.

Titles for Your Inspiration

  • Eat, Drink and Be Content
  • The Perfectly Imperfect Investor

10. Choose FI

Next in our list of personal finance blog examples is a blog called Choose FI.

Finance article categories on Choose FI include travel, investing, financial independence, careers, kids and money, taxes, recipes and credits.

Titles to Inspire You

  • Five Critical Items You Need on Your Year-End Financial Checklist
  • The Triple Tax Benefits of the HAS
  • The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Travel Rewards 


The main categories on this finance niche blog are banking, investing, insurance, credit cards, taxes and personal finance.

Titles for Your Inspiration

  • Where to Find the Best Cheap Life Insurance
  • Benefits of Small Local Banks vs Big Banks

12. Budgets Are Sexy

Needless to say, the central topic on Budgets Are Sexy is budgeting. This blogger teaches site visitors financial lessons from personal experience.

You will find content covering smart saving habits, avoiding overspending and the like at Budgets Are Sexy.

Titles for Inspiration

  • How I Stopped Sabotaging My Own Financial Independence
  • Ways I Accidentally Save Money

13. Get Rich Slowly

J.D. Roth is the owner of Get Rich Slowly. He blogs about cultivating the best money mindset, financial decisions that allow you to master your life, budgeting and money tools.

It’s all about financial literacy lessons and tips brought together under one roof.

Titles for Your Inspiration

Here are some of the most interesting financial blog articles you will discover on the Get Rich Slowly website.

  • The Power of Non-Monetary Investments
  • How to Get Out of Debt Without Gimmicks or Games

Monetization Method.

Display Ads and others.

14. I Will Teach You To Be Rich/The Ramit Sethi Blog

Ramit Sethi creates his blog content around the subject matter of his bestselling book with the same title.

Essentially, therefore, I Will Teach You to Be Rich features interesting articles on personal habits and tools that can bring financial independence.

Anyone who wants to be rich or build wealth in a clean way will be attracted to this blog.

Titles for Inspiration

  • 17 Jobs & Careers that Make a Lot of Money
  • The Best Money Making Apps

More Personal Finance Blog Examples

There are other equally great examples of personal finance blogs on the internet. Like I promised you at the beginning, I have put together, for you, an additional collection of personal finance blog names.

Who knows, you might end up learning something from at least one of these finance blogs to help you craft your own blog and set it up for massive success.

Go ahead and take a look.

Maple Money (best for people resident in Canada)

SquawkFox (also best for Canadians)

Money Smart Latina


1500 Days Freedom

Bible Money Matters

Couples MoneyMarriage

Kids and Money

The Simple Dollar

Clever Girl Finance

MintRich and Regular

Bitches Get Riches

Women Who Money

The Broke Millenial

Ask The Money Coach

Just Start Investing

Hello Money Tree

Inspired Budget

Cut the Crap Investing


Good Financial Cents

Brave Saver

Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Cash Money Life


Mr Money Mustache

Afford Anything

The Penny Matters

Money Under 30

Well Kept Wallet

The Dave Ramsey Blog

20 Something Finance

Beyond Pennies

A Wealth of Common Sense

Money Crashers

A Purple Life

Debt Free Guys

Making Sense of Cents

Arrest Your Debt

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Final Thoughts

Inspiration matters a lot when it comes to blogging in general, and financial blogging in particular. The reason is that the personal finance niche, being one of the best money-making niches, is filled with tons of ultra-successful bloggers.

So the likelihood that a newbie blogger will get scared of the competition and quickly give up is so quite high. This is why I need to remind you about the saying that within every problem situation lies an opportunity waiting.

Newcomer financial bloggers are always beating the competition and making it big. And so can you.

The above personal finance blog examples will show you the way.

In case you didn’t notice this…

There is little to show for Personal Finance Books and Personal Finance Quotes in the examples we’ve been looking at. Therefore, there could be an opportunity in these and similar underserved areas in the finance niche. And that is what you can capitalize on and carve a niche for yourself.

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