31 Technology Sub-Niches for Beginner Tech Blogging

Technology sub-niches that have the potential to make money for a blogger range from software applications and artificial intelligence through operating systems and computer programming to web browsers and WordPress tutorials.

In between the above, are tons of other technology sub-niches that will easily make a good income for any serious tech blogger.

In this post, I’m going to give you a feel of the multiple technology sub-niches out there. So if you are looking to start a blog and make money online in the tech niche then welcome home.

All you need to know about technology sub-niches are here at your disposal – FREE.

Here comes my comprehensive list of tech blog sub-niches for you.

1. Apps

Application software (or simply apps) is a huge technology blogging sub-niche.

Do you have a keen interest in the apps you see on your smartphone, for example? Are you fascinated by the magic of apps in your Google Play Store like WhatsApp, Uber, TikTok and Open Camera?

Then you are probably the right guy to research more and learn more about digital apps and begin to share your knowledge with the rest of the world.

And if you already know how to develop an app, then you are well placed to blog about them and make money blogging about apps.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is another exciting technology sub-niche for anyone interested in that field. Since it is a highly technical field, it is advisable that you learn as much as you can about this area before you begin your tech blog.

Some knowledge of robotics will help a lot.

Why don’t you take a free online IT course to enable you to become a confident AI blogger?

3. Display Ad Platforms Like Ezoic

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence quickly brings to mind Ezoic. If you have never heard about or tried Ezoic before then I’ve got some exciting news for you.

Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner that serves display ads on blog pages just like AdSense. It employs artificial intelligence to help blogs on the platform perform much better in all departments.

For example, Ezoic ads will bring you more than double what AdSense can ever give you in terms of ad revenue.


And they have a great affiliate program going. No wonder many tech niche bloggers are joining Ezoic to promote Ezoic for an affiliate income that lasts for a lifetime.

It is possible to add Ezoic to your affiliate product review content even if you are already creating content on other technology sub-niches.

And in case you wish to earn a lot more ad revenue on your blog than you currently do, do not hesitate to apply to join the Ezoic platform.

4. Video Games

The popularity of computer games is growing among young people by the hour. So if you have a fascination for video games, for example, you stand a good chance of becoming a successful blogger in this field.

5. Mobile Phones

Under this tech sub-niche come other topics like repair, sale, affiliate products, discounts and the like.

There is a mobile phone in almost every home around the globe today. So you will not have a problem attracting enough traffic volume to a mobile phone blog.

6. Computers

Of course, there is no way we can talk about technology sub-niches without a mention of computers. Have you had a long experience working with all sorts of computers?

Maybe you have completed an online computer hardware course or a related IT course. It is time to begin blogging about laptops, desktops and even tablets.

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Note that these are still quite broad areas. Thus, you might want to niche down further.

Computer repair, word processors, motherboards, typing lessons and so on are computer micro-niches to consider.

7. Printers, Photocopiers and Scanners            

Wherever you see a computer, especially in an office environment, just know there is a Hewlett Packard, Canon or one of those popular printer brands hiding close by.

I believe it is a wise decision to blog about printers as well as photocopiers and scanners. But must first have the confidence that you have acquired the needed expertise to teach others about these technology tools.

Everyone who works with these office tools wants to learn something about basic repairs and the way they function. Therefore, with the right strategy, you will have organic traffic in large numbers trooping to your tech blog.

8. Data Storage

It is possible to just niche down to data storage tools with your technology niche website.

Data storage tools that easily come to mind are hard drives, external drives, pen drives and a lot more.

9. Coding and Programming

Have you been acquiring some coding skills of late? Maybe you just finished a free coding course with Coursera. How much programming knowledge can you boast of? Remember that there is a slight difference between coding and programming.

Some tech-savvy dudes have been actively doing this coding stuff for years. Are you one such individual?

Now, if you truly wish to start a blog to teach or promote some products, then you don’t have a problem. Let your programming knowledge help you establish a successful technology niche blog today.

10. Web Design

Following on the heels of coding and computer programming is web design. Do you own a Web Design agency?

Then you can set up a blog to give extra support to your customers. Publishing free web design tips online is also a smart way to market your Web Agency business.

11. WordPress

Well, WordPress is big in its own right. But WordPress is still just one of the many tech blog sub-niches you can think of.

Examples of possible WordPress topics to blog about are plugins, themes the widely popular Astra Theme and WordPress Hosting

It is also a smart move to offer WordPress tutorials for the benefit of many non-techie bloggers who struggle every day to wrap their heads around WordPress.

12. Computer Accessories

It is not a bad idea to just focus on computer peripherals as you create content for your tech niche website.

All the knowledge, skills and experience you have gathered learning and working with the keyboard, speakers, power cables, mouse and monitor will become a valuable resource for your niche website.

13. Social Media

Yes, you can make money blogging about social media. Social Media Examiner is a good example of a tech website in the social media sub-niche.

Topics to write about under social media include how to make money on social media, social media marketing, tools, news, trends and influencers.

14. Web Browsers

Your audience would definitely love you for sharing your expertise on all matters relating to web browsers. If you feel you’ve got what it takes then get up now and start writing about Google Chrome, for example

You might also want to include Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser and many others.

15. Search Engines and SEO

A ready example of a tech website that blogs about search engines is the Search Engine Journal (SEJ). There is so much to write about Google alone! And, trust me, you will never have to worry about where your audience is going to come from.

Because they will simply ooze out from every spot on the globe. After all, how many internet surfers can honestly ignore Google completely at this present moment?

16. Online IT Courses

Do you love to teach? And do you have a teachable skill in Information and Communication Technology?

Then you can create an online course and set up a blog to bring it to the doorstep of eager learners.

ProTip. Alison is one place you can upload your IT course for free. You might also try other e-learning platforms such as Teachable, Thinkific and Udemy.

Again, use your blog to promote your own course and to market to others to earn some good affiliate marketing income.

17. Cyber Security

This is also a highly technical area. Your in-depth knowledge and experience in cybersecurity will prove invaluable here.

There is so much to write about on a tech blog dedicated to promoting cybersecurity. Draw inspiration from Ceos3c.

18. Digital Publishing                          

Unlike cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, you do not need too much technical expertise to create a niche website about digital publishing.

Some of the relatively easy topics to tackle on a digital publishing blog will be Microsoft Office, WPS, Libre Office, typing, graphic design, printing documents, and so on.

19. Internet Hacks

If WordPress is big, then the Internet is just too much. I need not tell you that the WordPress app largely depends on the internet to function.

Therefore, anyone who decides to write all about the Internet has a lot to cover. And if that is what you want to do, then find a way to niche down a bit further.

Areas of internet-niche blogging you might want to consider are Internet tools, antiviruses, internet best practices and online business startups.

20. Affiliate Product Best Deals

You can create an affiliate marketing blog where much of your content is about product reviews, coupons and discount codes.

The Money Saving Mom blog owner does an amazing job with the innovative way she builds a good chunk of her content on affiliate products.

Make sure to take advantage of Halloween and Black Friday discount sales by showing your visitors the best deals they cannot afford to miss.

21. Smartwatches

Another great example of technology sub-niches is smartwatches. So what can you write about smartwatches? A lot.

Depending on your interests, choose topics like cheap smart watches, luxury smartwatches, best smartwatch brands, where to buy smart watches, caring for smart watches for a longer life span and so on.

22. Digital Wellbeing

According to Citrix.com, digital well-being is all about the pursuit of an intentional and healthy relationship with technology. The pursuit of digital health happens both at the workplace and in our daily activities.

Technology, like everything else, has got its disadvantages. One such downside of the continuous use of technology both at home and at work (or even in outdoor social settings) is the health hazards it poses to the user.

Backaches, bad posture and eye problems are among the negative effects of technology use.

People want to learn more about how to take care of their health while they continue to interact with digital technology.

This is exactly where you come in as a tech blogger on a mission to provide information that makes it easier for technology users to deal with any possible health challenges.

Topics for digital well-being or digital wellness blogging include digital health tools like automation apps and calendars, the need to take digital well-being seriously as well as habits that promote digital well-being.

23. Kids’ Computing

Set up a website to help parents to teach their children about computers at home.

Believe me, teachers will also benefit from your kids’ computer tutorials and advice.

25. E-commerce

E-commerce is both a finance sub-niche and a technology sub-niche. Online stores like Amazon, eBay and Shopify are all big tech companies.

You may simply publish online shopping guides for the benefit of your audience.

There are also opportunities for tech bloggers who have some knowledge about online payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

26. YouTube

Did you know that while others vlog on YouTube, you too can decide to blog about YouTube? Yes. Among the best technology sub-niches out there, YouTube stands tall.

One reason is YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. So there is so much to write about on YouTube.

In fact, apart from YouTube itself, not too many tech bloggers are writing about the platform. So there lies the opportunity.

27. Digital Cameras

There is so much to write about digital cameras. Are you the kind of person who plays around a lot with digital cameras? Do you know the differences between the various digital camera brands? What about where to buy the best digital cameras at affordable prices?

If you can answer yes to some of the above questions, then you can start a niche website for digital cameras. With the right affiliate marketing strategy, chances are that you will never regret the choice to become a tech blogger.

28. Self-Driving Cars

The world is fast-moving towards self-driven cars and energy-efficient vehicles. Here too, artificial intelligence and automation are leading the way. Tech Target, a technology blog, writes much about driverless cars or autonomous cars, Artificial intelligence and automation.

Hotcars.com is another example.

So tell me. How much knowledge or experience have you got with regard to these modern vehicles and more? Can you say something about Elon Musk’s Tesla cars?

Perhaps it is time you started a niche blog to educate others about this emerging technology.

29. Electronic Home Appliances

The increasing demand for electronic gadgets and other home appliances is not going away any time soon. People use electronic goods like digital TVs and Fridges all the time.

You might want to take some ideas from Home Stratosphere, a home and garden blog which also publishes articles on software and home appliances.

Start a blog to show them the best deals around. Feature the brands you consider to be the best performers and what to look out for when purchasing any home appliance.

30. DIY

Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast? Have you got a natural talent for fixing technical things on your own? Maybe you have worked all your life repairing technical stuff. Well, you still have a lot to offer to the world.

Start a blog to teach others how to fix their appliances without having to always call in a technician.

31. Personalities in IT

Finally, it is a smart idea to simply narrate the life stories and achievements of people who have made their mark on the technology world.

Why don’t you write biographical blog posts about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Marc Andreessen, co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used Web browser?

This is a broad area but you can still combine it with other technology sub-niches.

Final Thoughts

I discovered something interesting in the course of my research for this article. And here it is. bloggers who produce content about the various technology sub-niches are able to attract high CPC display ads to their pages. And that quickly translates into much higher blog incomes than what others can only dream about.

So if you wondering whether it is possible to monetize blogs in technology sub-niches, this revelation should give you hope.

The truth is any serious tech blogger can make a good income from the obvious value they give to our world full of technology novices.

Did you find this article helpful? Then share it on your favourite social media platform by clicking one or more icons below. Thank you very much for sharing.

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