125 Profitable Sub-Niches in Lifestyle Blogging (with Monetization Methods)

Profitable sub-niches in lifestyle blogging include beauty and style, home improvement, sustainable living, luxury cars, home décor, budgeting, shopping, dating and relationship, weight loss, travel and pet grooming. In fact, almost every lifestyle sub-niche is a potential money maker.

In this post, I will share with you a list of some of the most profitable sub-niches in lifestyle blogging. At the end of it all, you will know the popular ways most lifestyle niche bloggers make their money?

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But let’s begin with a clear understanding of what exactly we mean by a lifestyle niche blog. In other words, we are going to find out the difference between a lifestyle niche blog and all the other niche blogs you see around.

So here we go.

What is a lifestyle niche blog?

Generally, lifestyle niche blogs are websites that focus the greater part of their content on sharing the blogger’s personal interests, passions, and experiences.

The subject of all sub-niches in lifestyle blogging is mostly conditioned by the particular lifestyle blogger’s own activities, location, preferences and opinions.

This is why lifestyle niche topics spread vastly across almost all the other niches in blogging. And it is for the same reason that lifestyle blogging is a popular choice among many beginner bloggers.

Lifestyle Niche vs All the Other Niches

Thus, there is a subtle difference between a niche blog about personal finance in general, for example, and a lifestyle niche blog about budgeting or saving money.

In the first instance, the blogger shares information they have probably researched, studied or gathered. The underlying tone of such a blog’s content is expected to be quite impersonal.

In the second instance, much of the blog content is about the blogger’s past or daily personal experiences, choices, interests and preferences.

Typically, the lifestyle blogger’s tone is deeply personal and often subjective.

The same applies to a blog about smartphones and a lifestyle blog about smartphones.

Again, while the general smartphones blogger may not necessarily have had any close personal experience with smartphone use, and is not particular about sharing such (even if they have), the lifestyle blogger’s primary goal is to openly share with readers how they use smartphones, their preferences, insights and opinions.

Such information may or may not be from an expert on the subject. For that matter, it is not uncommon to read a disclaimer on a lifestyle blog page with the author warning you that the information they provide is not expert advice and should never be considered as such.

Here are two lifestyle blogs to help you get a feel of what I mean.

Wellness Mama

Katie Wells, the founder of Wellness Mama shares her experiences about how she dealt with her personal health issues with her audience. This lifestyle blogger also gets expert input from health professionals.

Better Living

The main topics you will find at onbetterliving.com are travel, food, home and lifestyle. As a digital lifestyle niche blog, Better Living is a perfect example of your typical lifestyle niche site.

And here, you have two other blogs about similar topics which are not necessarily mainstream lifestyle blogs.


Verywellhealth is an example of a mainstream health blog featuring expert ‘trusted health information when you need it most’.


The content on Medicinenet.com is basically expert doctor-produced health and medical information. This is a health and wellness blog run by professionals.

They boldly assure their visitors that reading the information on their website will help them ‘make informed decisions’ about their health concerns.

You can now see my point, right?

Motives Behind a Lifestyle Niche Blog

Moreover, the lifestyle niche bloggers’ motives put them apart. The lifestyle blogger produces content to achieve any, or all, of the below purposes.

  • for the fun of sharing
  • to impact the world with lessons from their personal experiences
  • guiding others in situations similar to theirs
  • to turn a hobby into an income-generating online business.

Unlike all the other niches, therefore, lifestyle niche blogging is a more personalized approach to blogging.

And the approaches vary just as our daily personal experiences do.

Here now comes your mega list of profitable lifestyle niche ideas I promised you.

You will find out that some of the lifestyle niche topics are quite broad. But at the same time, many others are narrow enough to be described as sub-niches in lifestyle or even lifestyle micro-niches.

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Profitable Sub-Niches Under Lifestyle

1. Beauty and Style.

The beauty and style sub-niche is among the most popular sub niche in the lifestyle blogging space.

2. Health and wellness

3. Technology – smartphones, computers, smartwatches

4. Sports cars

5. Luxury cars

6. Electronic gadgets and appliances

7. Home Improvement

8. Home décor

9. Interior design

10. Landscaping

11. Hobbies

12. DIY

13. Photography

14. Sustainable living

15. Travel

16. Backpacking

17. Snowsports

18. Culture

19. Event planning

20. Books

21. Making money online

22. Antique Blog

23. Freelancer lifestyle

24. Author/Writing

25. Luxury travel

26. Luxury lifestyle

27. Hiking

28. Minimalist lifestyle

29. Shopping

30. Simple living

31. Organic food

32. Pet owners

33. Backyard gardening

34. Urban gardening

35. Countryside lifestyle

36. Singles lifestyle

37. Work-life balance

38. Maternity

39. Parenting

40. Blogging

41. Mom Blogger

42. Dad Blogger

43. Breastfeeding

44. Working mom

45. Home and Garden Lifestyle

46. Natural living

47. Flying/planes

48. Skiing

49. Mountaineering/Climbing

50. Adventure

51. Cooking

52. Art/Painting

53. Gift guides

54. Outdoor lifestyle

55. Lifestyle products

56. Baking

57. Skincare

58. Makeup

59. Digital nomad lifestyle

60. Dating and relationship

61. Love and romance

62. Men’s lifestyle

63. Women’s Lifestyle

64. Celebrity lifestyle

65. Student lifestyle

66. Jewellery

67. Crypto

68. Sailing

69. Weight loss

70. Bodybuilding

71. Boating and Fishing

72. Kayaking and Canoeing

73. Dealing with diabetes

74. Personal Fitness

75. Coaching

76. Private learning

77. Self-improvement

78. Home Improvement

79. Living eco-friendly

80. Celebrity news

81. TV shows

82. Standup comedy

83. Music and dance

84. Running

85. Salsa

86. Theatre, Ballet and Opera

87. Recycling and Conservation

88. Magic and tricks

89. Self-sustaining lifestyle

90. Video games

91. Decluttering

92. Yoga

93. Intentional living

94. Stock Trading/Forex Trading

95. Urban lifestyle

96. Family lifestyle

97. Budgeting

98. Saving money

99. Investing

100. Debt management/Getting out of debt

101. Baby names

102. Pet grooming

103. Personal grooming

104. Healthy living

105. Homesteading

106. Spirituality

107. Cycling

108. K-12 Education

109. Recreational activities

110. Lifestyle jobs

111. Lifestyle business

112. Entrepreneurship/Business startup

113. Gardening

114. Dancing lessons

115. Ketogenic lifestyle

116. Vegan life

117. Single parenting

118. Surviving divorce

119. Movies

120. Outdoor games

121. Essential oils

122. Farm life

123. Healthy dieting

124. Recipes

125. Mindset

Lifestyle Blog Monetization Methods

The average lifestyle niche blogger derives revenue from their efforts through the below monetization methods.

  • Display Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Online Courses
  • Dropshipping & Online Stores
  • Coaching
  • Books sales
  • Speaking Gigs


Wrapping it up

At this stage, you will have realized that finding sub-niches in lifestyle blogging is not that difficult. However, knowing which are the most profitable lifestyle sub-niches can be tricky.

It is for this reason that I have given you the possible ways to monetize your lifestyle niche blog to actually make it a lucrative venture.

All you need to do is find out if your preferred lifestyle niche idea can make money via affiliate marketing with lifestyle niche products, coaching, online courses, sponsorships, display ads or any one of the rest.

And, please, don’t forget to convince yourself that you truly have the passion for the choices you have made.

Do you need to explore other profitable niche site ideas? Find out more about relationship niche topics and fashion niche blog ideas.

If you have an interest in education, this article should help you start your education blog.

You will also find some interesting topics to kickstart a sports niche blog.

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