28 Profitable Sub-Niches in Fashion for Beginner Bloggers

Profitable sub-niches in fashion range from Amazon fashion products, designer shoes, kidswear, and maternity fashion to such innovative topics as fashion gifts, fashion business startups and hobby fashion. In between these are other high-income earning fashion sub-niches like celebrity fashion, fashion gossip, fashion finance, sports fashion, luxury design and women’s wear.

Are you looking for a profitable fashion topic for your fashion blog? Then you can choose from the large selection of sub-niches in fashion I have assembled in this post for bloggers like you.

Don’t forget to check out item #18.

It is one of the most innovative ideas on this list. Also, it has the potential for long-term growth and profitability.

Choosing one or a few of these sub-niches in fashion should allow you to start a profitable fashion niche blog.

So without further ado, let me show you some of the best sub-niches in fashion that some bloggers are using to make five to six-figure blogging incomes.

You will find both popular fashion sub-niche ideas and others that are yet to catch the attention of a lot of bloggers in the fashion niche.

Choose Low Competition Sub-Niches in Fashion

If you ask me, I will say that go for the untapped low competition sub-niches in fashion that have the potential to make you a lot of money in the long term.

The simple reason is that you can attract a lot of visitors to such a website relatively quickly. This is simply because the competition is not so keen.

And by the time the crowds begin to see the money-making potential of your niche, you would have become a pacesetter.

Other fashion bloggers desiring to try your sub-niche will be willing to come to you for coaching or buy your courses and products. This is how most pioneer bloggers have made their money.

Another thing. The list of profitable sub-niches in fashion here is not presented in any particular order. Each one of them is a potential money-maker if done right.

Therefore, it is up to you to choose whatever fits your interest and personality best.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Clothing Trends in Major Cities

You can focus your fashion niche blog on clothing trends in major cities of the world. This approach can be a little daunting because you will need up-to-date information to keep your fans happy all the time.

But if you think you are in a unique position to roll out all the information your audience cares about from Abidjan to Zurich and from Amsterdam to Washington DC, then go for it.

2. Designer Shoes

You must be familiar with the designer shoes you want to feature on your fashion niche website. Another wise approach is to get out there and learn as much as you can about designer shoes. Then give your readers exactly what they want. And make sure to over-deliver.

3. Menswear

It is a good idea to just niche down on men’s wear. There is so much to blog about in this fashion sub-niche. Talk of shirts, shoes, jewellery, caps and what have you. With the right level of motivation and creativity, your men’s wear blog can make you a decent income, at the very least.

4. Womenswear

Women’s wear is definitely one of the most profitable sub-niches in fashion. One reason is that women tend to love fashion a lot. So if you can give them all that they need to keep coming back to your fashion blog, then only the sky can be your limit.

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5. Luxury Design

Are you into the luxury design of some sort? Have you been a patron of luxury design products for some time now?

Maybe you already have a career in luxury design. If you can combine your experience and expertise with a good measure of passion, then I will encourage you to start your fashion niche blog under luxury design.

Possible topics to consider here are interior design, upholstery, car interior design and a whole lot more.

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6. Teenswear

This is a really big market for any serious fashion niche blogger to make it big. You can even niche down a bit further. For example, your fashion sub-niche can cater to the needs of a smaller demographic. Find out if it is profitable to just blog about teenswear for students, males or females.

7. Kidswear

Blogging about kidswear can be a huge source of online income if done right. Remember that you are not going to target kids only but also their parents.

You can take a cue from Wirecutter, for example, and come up with an appealing website that educates parents and their kids on all kinds of apparel kids wear all the time.

8. DIY Fashion

Do it Yourself fashion blogging is an innovative approach to fashion blogging. Have you got some designing tips and tricks you are sure people can learn to personally take care of a certain area of their fashion needs?

Do it Yourself is all about finding ways to save money on the things we can do for ourselves. Others engage in DIY activities as a form of hobby. So if this appeals to you don’t hesitate to start your own DIY fashion blog.

9. Petite Fashion

It is an exciting idea to blog about petite fashion. You will surely be in good business if you do it right.

10. Plus-Size Fashion

On the opposite end of petite fashion is plus-size fashion blogging. Create and build a blog for thousands of fans with plus-size body shapes. They will love you for it.

11. Designer Suits

Designer suits are arguably one of the most profitable sub-niches in fashion. A blog for men who love to dress immaculately for all manner of occasions is potentially a profitable venture.

Brand Specific Fashion

We can’t avoid mentioning fashion brands and labels among the most profitable sub-niches in fashion. Do you feel excited talking about such fashion brands as Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Kenzo, Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen?

Then this is the opportunity to build a fashion blog that speaks to the multitudes of patrons of these global fashion brands and more.

12. Fashion Technology

Technology has found its way into practically every area of our lives. Fashion is not left out of this.

Today, people are using technology to create fashion products of different kinds. This is where the opportunity for your fashion blog lies.

One area to consider is T-Shirt design, printing, marketing and sales.

13. Personalities in Fashion

Can you gather enough information about the important figures in the fashion industry? Why not start a blog where all you do is provide as much information about such great fashion designers as

14. Sports Fashion

Are you a retired athlete? Maybe you are simply a devout fan of one sporting activity. Is it football, baseball, tennis, golf or cycling?

Wherever your interests in sports lie, you can turn that into a profitable blogging business in the sports fashion sub-niche.

There is so much to say about such brands as Nike, Adidas, Puma and Under Armour. Make sure to include sporting merchandise and paraphernalia that your fans can easily relate to.

Categories for a sports fashion blog can include sportswear for men, ladies sportswear, sportswear brands and cheap sportswear.

15. Student and School Fashion

Another interesting sub-niche in fashion is student fashion. You might decide to focus your niche blog on high school students or college students.

But there is nothing wrong with creating content for students in general.

It is up to you to craft your content strategy so that it resonates well with students who love fashion.

16. Political Fashion

Yes, political fashion is one of those untapped profitable sub-niches in fashion. Not too many bloggers are currently creating content that serves politicians, political parties and their raving supporters.

Look around for the kind of dresses, footwear and clothing accessories that politicians and political parties are interested in. Then research and publish as much information as you can about vintage brands and designers.

Make sure to select carefully a well-defined segment of the general political audience. For example, you might want to write for the political class in a particular geographical area like Europe and North America, India, Africa, Asia, the Nordic countries or the Caribbean.

Just make sure that you will be able to attract enough eyes and ears for your political fashion niche blog.

17. Maternity Fashion

Here are some key areas to look for content ideas on your maternity fashion niche site.

  • Wears for pregnant women
  • Baby shoes
  • Baby colts
  • Baby dresses
  • Postnatal wear for women
  • Naming ceremony wear
  • Seasonal wear for pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Maternity hospital ward wear
  • Jewellery and accessories for new mothers

Trust me, there is no end to the variety of interesting blog topics for a maternity fashion blog.

18. Homesteading and Gardening Fashion

It’s getting weirder and weirder, right?

Did you know that there is a growing number of people who are fed up with the fast lane of artificial urban life and are turning to a more simple lifestyle close to nature?

In recent years, the homesteading movement has been steadily gathering momentum. People are increasingly making homesteading and gardening an important lifestyle choice.

And therein lies the opportunity for you if you know a lot about clothing items that would easily appeal to the typical gardener or backyard chicken keeper.

Best hand gloves for men and women and Wellington boots prices will feature on such a blog.

With a bit of creative thinking, you can come up with content ideas that will attract the attention of multitudes ofhomesteading enthusiasts.

19. Minimalist Fashion

To run a profitable minimalist fashion blog, you will need to select clothing items that even a diehard minimalist cannot do without. Bear in mind that every minimalist wants to spend money on only the most essential items.

Though minimalists are typically not free spenders, they still buy things to wear. And, truly, minimalists do have an amazing taste for fashion.

Here are some ideas to consider when crafting your content strategy for an audience of minimalists.

  • Durable fashion products
  • Essential clothing items
  • Wears for unfriendly weather such as winter and very hot summers
  • Single product purchases
  • Discount sales
  • Alternative goods and services
  • Travel
  • Leisure and relaxation

20. Seasonal Fashion

Consider seasonal fashion blogging if you are looking for profitable sub-niches in fashion. Blogging about fashion just for the numerous seasons on the calendar is yet another innovative way to create a high-earning fashion website.

Take a look at the below special events and times in the year around which you can produce valuable fashion-focused content for your chosen audience.

  • Cultural festivals in places like Brazil, India, Africa and the Caribbean Islands
  • Religious festivals such as Ramadan and Christmas
  • Major sporting events.

Seriously think about the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon Championships, French Open, Golf Tournaments, Rugby World Cup, Formula 1 and other motor racing competitions and the Olympic games.

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Halloween
  • Weddings
  • Weekends
  • Vacations and Holidays

21. Fashion Events

Do not confuse this with seasonal fashion blogging. Your focus under fashion events is going to be on events that are organized inside the fashion industry.

Therefore, much of the blog content will centre on important dates on the events calendar, promotions, activities, products, organizers and personalities that have an interest in these occasions.

If you decide to settle on fashion events then you can blog about international fashion events. Another way is to create content for a much smaller localized audience.

Here are some examples of popular local and international fashion events:

  • Paris Fashion Week
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Milan Fashion Week
  • Copenhagen Fashion Week
  • London Fashion Week

22. Fashion Design Courses and Schools

This is yet another innovative approach for anyone interested in building a profitable fashion niche site. I consider it an untapped low-competition sub-niche in the fashion industry.

Do you have an interest in education and fashion combined? Then it is possible for you to create a lucrative blogging business just by focusing on courses in the fashion industry.

It is a smart move to blog more about online courses in the fashion category. But there is nothing stopping you to give information about brick-and-mortar fashion schools as well.

Oxford Home Study Centre, Alison, UAL, University of Fashion and Skillshare are among the places to find fashion design courses online to share with your audience.

To augment your content, feel free to add categories for fashion books and popular fashion magazines.

23. Fashion Product Reviews

Here, we are talking specifically about affiliate marketing as it relates to fashion products. This is definitely among the most profitable sub-niches in fashion for serious fashion bloggers. So give it a try.

How to Use Blog Posts to Promote Affiliate Products

Consider adding reliable reviews about products from the below e-commerce stores to your affiliate niche site.

  • Amazon Fashion Products
  • AliExpress Fashion Products
  • Etsy Fashion Products
  • eBay Fashion Products
  • DHGate Fashion Products
  • Jiji Fashion Products
  • Jumia Fashion Product Best Deals
  • International Payments for Fashion Products

24. Fashion Shopping

Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your fashion shopping niche blog.

  • If you are blogging on WordPress, consider creating categories for best clothing shops, shopping for kids, women and men, best fashion deals, luxury jewellery and accessories and price comparisons.
  • Tell your visitors the right times in the year to shop for fashion products.
  • You might even want to set up a Woocommerce online store as part of your fashion blogging business.

25. Fashion and Personal Finance

It is possible to combine fashion and personal finance and turn the idea into a profitable blogging business. Areas to focus on include the following:

  • Fashion and budgeting
  • Fashion and credit cards
  • Fashion and savings habits
  • Investment in the fashion industry
  • Home Decor and interior design

26. Network Marketing Products

Multi-level marketing (MLM) giants like Max International, Matilda Jane Clothing, Cabi and Essential Bodywear have beauty and style products that they distribute to their patrons.

Are you a network marketer? Do you have fashion and beauty products to market?

Then building a fashion blog around your network marketing business will definitely be a smart move.

This post is just one example of the kind of content any network marketing blogger with a focus on fashion can publish.

With the right blogging strategy, you will stay ahead of the competition in your trade.

27. Country or Region Specific Fashion

The first idea that comes to mind when we talk about fashion blogging is a blog that caters to the needs of a global audience. But what if you can just narrow it down a bit?

Focusing on a narrower geographical area might just empower you to serve your audience to the best of your abilities. And that is what will make your blog different and profitable.

You might want to consider creating a profitable fashion niche blog for fashion lovers in any of the following countries and regions of the world.






Desert Countries

Tropical countries

Cold Regions



US and Canada

Latin America


The Caribbean


The North Pole and the South Pole

28. Fashion for Professionals

Do you have the motivation to write about careers and jobs? Can you combine this with your love for fashion?

Then you stand a good chance of making money with a fashion blog that serves the needs of professionals such as lawyers, business executives, doctors, musicians, actors, artisans and career women.

Additional Profitable Sub-Niches in Fashion

Though some of the below profitable sub-niches in fashion are highly competitive, given the right approach, it is possible to beat the competition.

So do not be afraid to start a blog under any of these more popular fashion topics if that is what you would love to do.

If you need help, you can find more instructional posts on BloggingtotheMax. I have deliberately written these posts to help any beginner blogger to succeed in their chosen niche.

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Final Thoughts

You now have the information you need to start a profitable fashion niche website. Always remember that the best way to achieve anything worthwhile in life is to start from somewhere.

Do not let fear, self-doubt or lack of resources scare you into inaction. Because believe me, the moment you step in, you will begin to discover more effective ways to succeed over time.

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