How to Market a Business Online for Free in Ghana PDF

You can market a business online for free in Ghana and elsewhere with a website or a blog, social media, forums, Google Business Profile and Google for Retail.

If you are a self-employed business owner looking for ways to promote your business online free of charge then this article is for you..

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Just take a look at some interesting ways to attract more customers to your business without spending much money on advertisements.

1. Start a Business Blog

The primary purpose of a business blog is to market a particular business or product by publishing informative blog posts that address the peculiar needs of members of a niche market.

A business blog is an effective and low-cost means for promoting any legitimate business online. It is designed to drive customer traffic and sales.

Here are a few facts about business blogs that make them the number one choice for most serious business owners today.

It doesn’t cost much to start a blog. In Ghana, for example, you can start a small business blog or website with just about GHS500 or less.

If done right, a blog can help you attract a daily minimum of a thousand visitors to your business. And over time this number will skyrocket to thousands if not millions.

Two important ways to make sure that your business blog is helping you to effectively advertise your business are search engine optimization (SEO) and regular sharing of your content on social media platforms.

Email marketing and giveaways are other ways of promoting a small business via blogging.

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2. Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Do you have a following on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Then you have a free marketing tool waiting to be exploited for all the benefits you can think of.

Learn how to cleverly promote your online business for free via your personal Facebook profile, Facebook group and a well-designed Facebook business page.

People are doing wonders promoting their products on Instagram. All you need is to learn how to advertise a business on Instagram.

3. Promote Your Business on Online Forums

Online forums are helping many small business owners to promote their goods and services online for free. You can open an account on Reddit, for example. Find ways to learn from others who have succeeded in marketing their products on online forums and chatrooms.

4. Leave Comments on Other Websites

Here is a story that may shock you. The first time I came across a vital service I pay for every year on this website was when I read a simple tiny comment under a certain blog post I was reading online.

Well, the writer of that comment, who may be the seller of this service did not even add any link. However, I got the message and recognized how valuable it was for my business.

To cut a long story short, I have continued to pay for this service annually for the past four years. That is how effective a simple comment can be in promoting your business online for free.

5. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is another inexpensive tool for marketing both online and offline local businesses in Ghana and elsewhere.

There is zero cost involved in setting up a YouTube channel. So you can create a YouTube channel today and start posting your marketing videos.

Here too, you need to be careful about how you promote your content and products. The popular advice for all YouTube marketers is to provide value to viewers first. Then lead them gently to know your products and develop the kind of interest that will eventually lead them to a buying decision.

6. Create Your Google Business Profile at No Cost

With a free Google Business Profile, you can turn people who find you on Google search and maps into active customers.

You will be able to list your business on Google and manage your small local business directly from Google Search and Maps

All you need is to personalize your new Google Business Profile with photos, posts and attractive offers about your goods and services.

Do not forget to add your business hours especially if you run an offline local business.

Here is an example of a typical Google Business Profile.

7. Start Using Google for Retail

Do you own a retail shop or a wholesale business where you sell physical products? You can begin to market your retail business online for free with Google for Retail.

With your personalized Google for Retail account, you can set up free product listings on Google even right now.

This is an inexpensive way to get your products in front of the millions of people searching on Google every day of the year.

Remember that this free online marketing service is available to virtually every small business owner in all parts of the world. It does not matter the size of your business or its location.

Just be sure to offer products that do not violate Google’s guidelines for representing your local business on Google.

Now you will have free and easy access to hundreds of millions of online shoppers that come to Google. What is more, you can sell your listed products directly on Google. And it’s all 100% FREE.

Final Thoughts

Remember that there are multiple ways to market your business online for free in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of the world. The methods you found in this post are just a few. They are among the easiest, least expensive and most effective digital marketing tools you will find. I need to caution you not to try too many at the same time.

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I will not advise you to try more than two approaches from the start. To stay focused, it is best to select just one or two free methods to advertise your business online and see how it will perform. It is only after this that you might want to add another method.

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