Top 9 Relationship Niche Blog Ideas for Beginners

The best relationship niche blog ideas today include, wedding and marriage, dating, courtship, pregnancy, divorce, family planning and reproductive health, counselling, singles, adoption, parenting, mom and dad, kids, teens, family, budgeting, minimalism or intentional living and homeschooling.

You can see that it is not only relationships and marriages that constitute relationship blogging. In fact, the above sub-niches of a broader relationship niche are quite broad by themselves. It is, in fact, possible for anyone looking for the best relationship niche blog topics to even break down these su-niches in relationship blogging into smaller micro-niches.

In this post, I want to share with you some of the most untapped topics in the relationship niche. I trust that by the time you get to the last sentence of this post, you will be able to decide on the best relationship niche blog idea for you.

Try a narrower niche topic.

One major advantage of having a narrower niche blog is that the blog and its owner combined come across as a trusted authority in that area. The result is a crowd of loyal followers ready to be nurtured and turned into buying customers.

Are you ready to explore the best relationship niche blog topics and ideas? Then come with me into the world of relationship niche blogging.

1. Love

Love as a standalone blog niche idea remains one of the most untapped relationship sub-niche ideas. Many relationship bloggers indeed write about love. But only a handful make love a major topic for their blog content. Usually, love is placed under a WordPress tag or category at best.

But did you know that one can focus entirely on love and come up with amazing articles that will drive traffic and convert visitors to customers like crazy?

Pro Tip: With a fast and responsive WordPress theme like Astra you can do wonders with your relationship blog.

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Why not niche down on the single topic of love for your relationship niche blog? Chances are you will face low competition and easily see your blog rise to the top of the search engine result pages.

You may be asking right now: isn’t that too narrow a niche for a whole blog? Well, with some creativity, you will never run out of blog content ideas. Here is a quick look at some high-performance content ideas for the love sub-niche.

Signs that your guy/lady is unfaithful

How to know a man/woman loves you

Best times to propose to your woman

Amazing 50 intimacy tips

20 signs you love someone

How to know someone is your soulmate

100 love songs of all time

How to propose to a girl/woman

For Ladies – How to propose to a guy you love

I can go on and on. You must remember, though, that each blog article title you choose must first be subjected to rigorous keyword research. A simple but most effective way to go about this is to make sure you are publishing posts that directly answer the actual questions internet surfers are asking about the subject of love.

Also, there is absolutely no harm in introducing bits of other relationship niche topics. This can actually be an effective strategy to make your blog interesting.

Niching down does not mean you should handcuff yourself and go behind bars all in the name of focus.

2. Dating

Dating is one of the most popular relationship niche blog ideas out there. So it is quite easy to see what other dating bloggers are doing and take a leaf from their book.

Yet still, it is possible to make your dating blog unique. Look around and find the basic dating questions people are still struggling to find answers to. This way, you can beat the competition and become a successful blogger in this highly competitive relationship sub-niche.

Note that technically, dating is not the same as courtship. There is a basic difference between dating and courtship. Call dating the introductory not-too-serious stage in a relationship between two people. Courtship, on the other hand, is a more advanced stage in the relationship. During courtship, there is greater commitment. The couple are almost certain that they are going to move to the next stage. Which is a marriage proposal and possibly, a wedding.

Monetizing a dating blog is not that difficult. With Google Adsense or any other ad network, you will start collecting ad revenue from your dating blog.

You may as well try PropellerAds which has a decent CPM rate for publishers from all over the world.

Below are examples of blog article title ideas for a dating site.

Best 10 dating tips for singles

What dating means to a guy/girl

Top 10 benefits of dating

20 Online dating sites to find love

5 differences between dating and courtship

Dating pros and cons – what you need to know

20 dating mistakes and how to avoid them

Is it good for a Christian to date someone (who is not a Christian)?

20 safe dating Venues for young women

3. Courtship

Courtship can also be a profitable micro-niche for any new blogger looking for the best relationship niche blog ideas. Indeed, love and courtship normally move together. So you might be asking how possible is it to create a blog about courtship instead of love?

Here is the simple answer. Yes, a blog about courtship will of necessity include articles on love. The difference, however, is that for your blog on courtship, that topic becomes the central topic that determines the character of your entire blog.

Let’s have some examples of blog content titles to consider under this sub-topic of the relationship niche.

How long should a courtship period last?

10 Tips to Guide You Learn More About Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Can you kiss during courtship?

10 Differences Between Dating and Courtship

12 Questions to Ask Before Making a Marriage Proposal

The 10 Commandments of Courtship for Every Christian

What the Bible/Quran Teaches About Courtship

Does courtship come before dating?

Top 20 Pros and Cons of Courtship

Importance and Features of Christian Courtship

Don’t forget. Always make sure your courtship blog titles answer questions people are asking online.

4. Wedding and Engagement

It is a great idea to start a wedding blog. If for nothing at all, weddings are big these days. Weddings rank high among the most popular social events in all cultures and religions across the globe.

So what does this mean for a blogger looking for the best relationship blog ideas? A lot.

There is a pretty good chance that, if done right, your wedding blog will get the traffic volume you want. And if you wish to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, there is no end to bestselling wedding-related products to promote.

People with a passion for event planning and organization can also use a wedding blog to market their startup.

You may even decide to niche down to publishing photographic reports about high-profile celebrity weddings and engagements.

Let’s check out a couple of blog post title ideas for a wedding blog.

Traditional wedding vs Christian wedding

How to plan a wedding

Top 10 Reasons to have a wedding

Pros and cons of wedding

Wedding vs engagement – what is the difference

What to include in a wedding invitation

Wedding invitation card design – dos and don’ts

The complete guide to planning a wedding ceremony

What is the best choice for a wedding gown/dress?

12 Best wedding ring ideas for lovers

Top 10 wedding venue ideas

Best 20 wedding cake photos

Should You Go for a Wedding Planner?

Advice for newly-weds

How to prepare for a traditional engagement

The role of the bride during a wedding

Top 10 importance of the wedding vow

What happened during the wedding/engagement between (mention the celebrity/politician etc. etc.)

A full report on Mr A’s wedding to Miss B (mention a name or names)

The complete text of a typical wedding vow

100 Amazing wedding pictures of all time (you can restrict this to a geographical location like a country or to a particular social circle or profession)

6 Must-have wedding officials

The 3 parts of a wedding

As you can see, there are multitudes of amazing content ideas for a wedding blog. So if you are someone who loves to be part of engagement and wedding ceremonies, this relationship sub-niche might just make you a celebrity blogger overnight.

Just get creative and be willing to work really hard to publish the most engaging and interesting blog articles. Some photography and graphic design skills might help make things easier for you. And if you need more blog content ideas, let me know.

Pro Tip. Use Canva to polish up any photos on your wedding and engagement website.

5. Marriage and Counselling

Marriage is among the most popular relationship niche blog ideas. Almost every relationship niche blogger writes about marriage at some point. And that is to be expected.

Remember that you are likely to face stiff competition in this relationship sub-niche.

To be able to weather the storm and carve a niche for yourself, you need to make your marriage blog unique.

Give your marriage niche blog the kind of swag that will differentiate it from the competition. Areas of differentiation to consider include choice of WordPress theme, brand colours, graphics, blog name or title, micro-niching or simply content type.

By content type I mean you must decide whether, for example, you will just publish articles or mix them with videos and podcasts.

One micro-niche idea worth trying for a marriage relationship niche blog is counselling. Provided you have the interest passion, experience or expertise in marriage counselling, you can set up your blog to help a lot of people looking for advice and guidance on the thorny issues of marriage.

Definitely, your audience and potential customers will include, singles, newly-weds and couples with intractable marital issues.

6. Pregnancy

There are indeed blogs that focus on pregnancy and its related matters. But the pregnancy sub-niche still remains largely an untapped blogging niche.

One reason accounting for this may be that not many people are willing to talk about such an issue. Well, therein lies your opportunity.

Are you a qualified medical doctor, a nurse, a gynaecologist or any other health practitioner with an interest in matters relating to pregnancy? Maybe you are an experienced midwife.

You could even be an ordinary mom with a lot of interesting pregnancy-related experiences that you feel like sharing with your fellow women.

And, don’t forget, men too need to learn more about pregnancy so they can be of use to their partners during the period of pregnancy and childbirth.

Let’s have some interesting pregnancy micro-niche blog article titles for a relationship niche blog.

According to Google, people are still looking for answers to these marriage questions and more.

20 best antenatal drugs for pregnancy

The meaning of antenatal care

Antenatal care vs postnatal care

20 Best foods for pregnant women

Antenatal clinic near me

12 Pregnancy symptoms

When and how to tell your man about a positive pregnancy test

Where to buy a pregnancy test kit

Top 3 Stages of Pregnancy

How to prepare for pregnancy

15 Maternity ward tips

How to spend your maternity leave

20 Dos and don’ts during pregnancy

Top Trending baby names for girls

How to name a newly-born baby

Best tips for dealing with pregnancy issues

6 Signs that you are pregnant

Top 10 tips to cope with childlessness

7. Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce has become an integral part of marriage in our world today. According to available statistics, … per cent of marriages in the US, for example, end in a divorce every year.

Clearly, there is a large market out there waiting to be tapped into if you are an attorney with an interest in divorce issues.

You can start your divorce niche blog and leverage it to market your legal services.

But not everyone needs to be a divorce attorney to become a successful blogger in this relationship sub-niche.

Are you a divorcee? Have you ever gone through a painful divorce? Maybe you have some other training in marriage and divorce counselling. Anyone with a passion for helping others with divorce matters can create a blog around divorce.

Without a lawyer’s certificate, you can give advice and guidance to persons grappling with divorce issues.

Here are three categories of individuals to help with your content and products.

Persons facing imminent divorce

Couples in the process of ending their marriage

Persons who are having problems as a result of a recent divorce

Family Planning and Reproductive Health

This is another niche that is related to the wider relationship niche in many ways.

I understand that some may consider family planning and reproductive health to be more about health. But don’t forget, it is people in a relationship who end up dealing with issues of this nature.

And, quite often, couples have to go through the process together.

This is why anyone with an interest in family matters might want to start a blog in the family planning sub-niche.

The good news is you don’t need to call it a relationship niche blog or anything else for you to be able to offer the help you want to give to the world.

What is important is that you must have a fair knowledge about family planning and reproductive health. Be you a medical practitioner or a trained social worker, it is possible for you to start this niche blog and make it big.

8. Parenting

Under parenting come such smaller relationship niche blog ideas as mom and dad, kids, teens and adoption.

You may choose to bring them all under the overarching theme of parenting. In this case, mom, dad, kids, teens and adoption could be the various categories on your WordPress site.

Another way to go about it is to simply pick just one of the above and focus much of your content on it.

Find below two parenting blogs that are making the waves on the internet. I trust that they will inspire you if all you want to blog about is parenting with your personal touch.

9. Family Budgeting

Granted, family budgeting may sound like a personal finance blog niche idea. But we can equally count it among the best relationship blog niche ideas.

The reason is that money plays a major role in the success or otherwise of any relationship.

For that matter, any beginner blogger with an eye for the best relationship blog niche ideas must consider family money management in general, and budgeting in particular.

For all you know, you might end up saving somebody’s troubled relationship. You can easily make your blog popular just by sharing some basic family budgeting tips on your blog.

Check out these blog title ideas under family budgeting for inspiration.


The truth is there is no single perfect way of choosing the best relationship blog niche ideas. Ultimately, your personal interests or knowledge or both must inform what content you want to publish on your blog. Do not let any blogging ‘guru’ nail you down in a pigeonhole. You might end up suffocating, literally.

Decide on your perfect combination and begin publishing your blog posts under any one of the above relationship niche blog topics. Trust me, as you go along, you will discover more helpful ideas, mostly from personal experience, about doing it better and better.

Did you find this article helpful? Then share it on your favourite social media platform by clicking one or more icons below. Thank you very much for sharing.

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