The Most Important Task for Bloggers is Content Writing

Content writing (aka blog post writing) is still the most important task for bloggers. Make no mistake about that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out on your blogging career or you’ve been around for a while. It is true that bloggers do many things and wear multiple hats at the same time. But the one task that stands out and must always receive the most attention is blogging itself.

Let’s have one honest moment

What do you find yourself doing most of the time as a beginner blogger?

Not so fast. Wait … Before you give me yours, I’m going to tell you mine.


Now here comes the problem. Not even a single one of the above qualifies to be mentioned inside a proper definition of the term, BLOGGING.

And I keep calling myself a blogger?! Ouch! I’m a freelance writer too with a small content marketing agency outfit. This simply means I have clients that I write, publish and even market blog articles and traditional businesses for.

So I’ve been spending precious time doing the things that matter but count for absolutely nothing in the right scheme of things. I have failed to commit myself to the most important task for serious bloggers.

Looks like your case is similar to mine. Or?

Today I am going to write about the most important task for bloggers to which you should devote the greater part of your time. This holds true for every personal blogger, business blogger or freelance writer working to make sure their blog or online business stays successful.

And I promise you, this is the best blogging advice you can get as a beginner blogger or freelance writer.

So what is the most important blogging activity? Blog, of course! Yes, simply blog and keep blogging away. Never stop producing awesome massive content. Because …

Content is king – in blogging.


Have you come across that expression yet? Don’t worry about the fact that some ultra-successful bloggers are now saying this is no longer the case. You see, they can now have the luxury of using every content they come up with as a selling tool to tell us things like eerrhhmm …

Content is no longer the king.

Then who is? And since when?

I heard this the other time, and I was like, oops, then why are you here dishing out content to me? Because even if you are selling, SEO-ing, emailing or whatever, it is all wrapped around a certain content.

And that thing itself is content anyway. So, the king shall content remain forever and ever. Say one big amen to that, so we may continue.

Can you notice something?

I haven’t yet told you the most important task for bloggers in clear terms.

Yes, I said “blog” somewhere. But what exactly does that mean, actually?

Well, write plenty of text (just as you feel me doing now – can you feel it, really? Great!), record and broadcast audio like nobody’s business, make and produce a video like your entire life depends on it, do the images, I mean the graphics. Post those awesome photographs. But you need to get out there and take them first. This is the single most consequential task for both amateur and professional bloggers I know.

So you can’t call yourself a blogger and all you do is research, customize and peep stuff on the WWW.

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It’s so tempting not to blog …

Now it is easy to overlook this most important activity of a true blogger. I mean, if you’re not careful, you’ll be so immersed in other activities that you won’t be able to publish even a single blog post for a whole thirty-day period … and still call yourself a blogger.

All sins shall surely be forgiven, but I don’t know about this one.

Self-hosting comes with lots of distractions.

It could as well be that Blogger or the other free no-tech-activity platforms out there were once your home but no more!

Now you are on your own.

All of a sudden, you’ve got themes to fix just to make sure they are good to house your new domain and ideas. There are security issues to take care of. doesn’t care much whether you know the difference between such basic stuff as html, css and shortcode. Ho ho ho.

But didn’t they tell you self-hosting was cool and that it was the best thing to have ever happened to any SERIOUS blogger? Didn’t they promise you how easily you will now be able to achieve your dream of making money blogging?

Well … they did.

That’s how they make their money blogging …!

You don’t believe me?

What you were not aware of was this: They told you those half-truths on the back of affiliate product links! Let me put it in greenhorn-newbie-dummy blogging English for you.

That link you clicked to transport you instantly to Bluehost or GREENHOST or whatever was your benevolent-advisor-urging-you–to-go-self-hosting-immediately’s money cow! Are you getting more confused?

What I’m simply telling you is that the link you clicked was an affiliate product link! Aaaba!

As soon as you followed it to the supposed web-hosting company website, the guy or gal who gave you that link to click made a fat dough!

But don’t worry, you were not the first, and you will never be the last to click that link; hence my money cow metaphor. They call it something like smartpassiveincome (I don’t mean anybody in particular) via affiliate marketing via blog monetization.

Do you see the point?

Everything is commerce nowadays. You too will get into the game of selling truths, half-truths and absolute trash very soon.

But for now, let’s get back to the most beneficial task for bloggers there is.

It is to produce valuable content.

Produce massive volumes of content. Commit yourself to doing that every day of the week. Devote the greater part of your time to churning out great volumes of content.

This is key especially if you have just entered the blogging fray. The benefits of content sit on top of everything else in the business of blogging. That’s a fact.

Just make sure your content is not just content of any sort. Make it quality content. Read this article I published the other day about writing quality content for more information. That is if you wish to up your game writing super-awesome online articles.

Your resolve, my resolve, our resolve …

Let’s make this pact – no matter where you are now. Shall we resolve to do this all-important blogging activity every blessed day?

LET’S BLOG FIRST. Then we can find just enough time to research, learn and do all the other blogging tasks that will combine to bring us blogging happiness.

Parting words

Forget about blogging if you cannot get down to doing what matters most in the life of every serious blogger -blog, blog and blog. Simply keep blogging away.

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Ralph Nyadzi is a self-published author and educational blogger at Cegast Academy. He took his first baby steps as an online publishing entrepreneur in 2016 and hasn't looked back since. He lives in the Central Region of Ghana with River, his adorable pet cat.

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