Profitable Sports Sub-Niches for New Bloggers

Except for mega sports news blogs, most sporting bloggers find a lot of wisdom in niching down to just one or a few potentially profitable sports sub-niches. I believe every newbie sports blogger should do likewise. At least, to dodge the intense competition in this niche, it is better to not try to write about every sporting discipline on a single blog.

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The question you may be asking now is, so what are the profitable sub-niches in sports one should be looking at? Here is your answer.

You can start a profitable blog in any area of sports you care about. It may, however, help to focus on an untapped sub-niche or micro-niche in sports.

You will find them in virtually any sports-related discipline under various categories.

Some Sports Categories

Here are some examples to start with.

  • popular sports
  • lesser-known sports
  • winter sports
  • sports administration
  • sports education
  • personalities in sports
  • the business of sports
  • careers in sports
  • sports news reporting
  • sports fashion and
  • sports trivia. I’
  • Bear in mind that the above profitable sports niche ideas are mostly broad categories. Under them, you are certain to find other profitable sub-niches in sports.

Are you looking for untapped yet profitable sports sub-niches for a new blog? Do you wish to create and build a blogging business in the sports arena?

Today, you are going to have a large quantity of sub-niches in sports from which you can make your choice.

I will also suggest some creative ways through which anyone can quickly set their new sports blog on the road to massive success.

So if you are looking for ideas to start or grow your sports niche blog then keep reading.

To simplify the information about the untapped lucrative sports niche ideas, I will group them under broader categories.

My goal is to make it easier for you to know which area in the sporting world you think is the best fit for you to start a new niche website.

It is possible to simply take on the whole sports niche idea and use it to build a profitable blog. On the other hand, you might want to niche down further.

In that case, all you need to do is take a closer look at the multiple topics in sports that I have listed under the various sub-niches and see what you can do with them.

Let’s get going.

1. Popular Sports

This is quite broad. Some sports bloggers have indeed managed to feature almost every popular sporting activity on their websites with relative success. However, I would still suggest you blog about just one popular sport.

If that is not enough for you, then try a combination of two or three that you feel most comfortable with.

You can take any one of the below popular sports and create useful content that transforms it into a money-making tool on your new sports website.

When you sit down to do your homework well, you will realize, to your amazement, that there is so much to blog about in any one of these sports sub-niches.



American Football


Women’s Soccer/Football

Men’s Soccer/Football


Table Tennis

Motor Racing


Horse Racing






Ice Hockey

2. Sports Administration

Sports administration is a good choice for anyone who has already gathered enough experience in a particular sports discipline.

Have you had a period of training in sports administration at any level? Were you once a coach working with a group of athletes? Probably you once worked as an official in association football.

Then you have the background needed to blog about sports administration.

It will be a fantastic idea to just narrow down to management and administration under a specific sporting discipline where your expertise lies.

3. Personalities in Sports

Here, you will share information about players, sports celebrities, managers, agents, diehard fans, cheerleaders and so on.

Publish the biographies of sporting greats of past generations, the hall-of-fame or current players, managers and other stakeholders doing wonders in sports.

Remember to define a narrow area of interest and keep publishing valuable content for your sports website visitors.

4. The Business of Sports

Today, sports are big business. According to, the combined revenue of all English Premier League clubs alone for the 2020/2021 season was about 6.2 billion Euros. This is why we can count sporting business among the sports sub-niches with a good potential to be profitable.

In the US, baseball is a multi-billion dollar business. According to Forbes, the current value of the New York Yankees alone is about $6 billion while the Los Angeles Dodgers are valued at around $4 billion. Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants have current values of $3.9 billion, $3.8 billion and $3.5 billion respectively.

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In Australia and New Zealand, Rugby contributes significantly to the national economy. The situation is almost the same in South Africa.

No wonder, many people have seen the potential of sports as a big investment opportunity and are cashing in.

This is why I believe that any serious sports blogger who creates content around the business of sports will do well financially.

Write about any or all of the following.

  • Salaries of the highest-paid athletes and coaches
  • Transfer fees involving teams, players and their agents
  • Well-researched information about sports entrepreneurs, their successes and challenges.
  • Companies and individuals that produce goods and services in the lucrative sports industry.
  • The current values and revenues of teams

5. Careers and Jobs in Sports

A lot of people go on Google every day in search of careers and jobs in sports. You can start a blog that fills this gaping need.

But first, you have to equip yourself with enough knowledge in this area before you begin.

This could take the form of personally taking up a job in sports to gain the needed experience and expertise.

Another way is to enrol in a short online course or do extensive research on the internet about careers and jobs in sports.

Share valuable information with readers about the following on the local or international sports job market. As always, remember to choose what aligns with your interests, expertise and goals.

  • Where to find jobs related to sports
  • The best teams to join and why
  • How to apply for a coaching job
  • Entry-level salaries of sports administrators
  • How to start a small business within the sports industry

6. Sports News Reporting

Did you go to journalism school to study sports journalism? Turn your knowledge into a profitable online business.

Maybe all you have is a passion and raw talent that keeps pushing you to enter the fascinating world of sports news reporting.

Well, nothing is stopping you. Gone are the days when you must obtain a formal qualification and pass a job interview to become a sports news reporter.

Today, there are many ways informal avenues to prepare oneself to become a successful sports news reporter.

Get onto WordPress and begin your sports niche blog right now.

See below possible categories for your sports news blog.

  • Your country. Example: US, Canada, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, India and so on.
  • Your continent. Example: Europe, Africa, Asia
  • World
  • Profiles
  • Trivia

7. FIFA News

Areas to pay attention to here include FIFA rankings, breaking news and the Balon d’Or nominations and winners.

You can start a micro-niche blog that publishes up-to-date information about the latest news concerning FIFA rankings.

And if you like, you may add rankings from other popular sports such as tennis, golf and cycling.

Add to your FIFA news blog other interesting updates such as breaking news, Women’s soccer news and reports of investigations.

Remember that you will need to draw a fine line between relaying to your readers, in your own words, what FIFA would love football fans around the globe to know about developments in the game on the one hand, and outright copying and pasting what is on the FIFA official website on the other.

The second approach is called content theft or plagiarism. It is not safe legally and it is never going to help your reputation.

Are you an avid follower of the Balon d’Or? Add news about the annual FIFA World Football awards ceremony to your content calendar.

8. Sports Equipment

There is so much to say about sports equipment and tools. Here is a quick look at some popular sports equipment.


Bats and Sticks





Elbow Pads


Shin Pads






If you are an affiliate marketer, this is a great opportunity to reap passive income by reviewing tools and equipment used in the different types of sports.

9. National Sports Competitions

Depending on your goals, you may want to restrict yourself to serving your home audience or going international.

Whatever you decide on, remember that there is an excellent chance to build a profitable sports blog in one of the sub-niches in this category.

Consider the following leagues in football, for example.


La Liga

English Premier League

French Ligue 1

10. International Sports Events

Give international sports events a serious thought if you are truly looking for profitable sports niche ideas.

It is a great idea to focus your sports blog content on what is happening on the international sports scene.

You can decide to take international competitions in general as the core content strategy for your sports niche blog.

However, you first need to determine if you have the stamina to consistently create content covering all the major national football leagues, for example.

So it can be a smart idea to simply devote all of your time to a single international sports competition.

There are many sports blog content ideas under the following international sports events.

European Championships

Confederations Cub

Copa America

Rugby World Cup

Olympic Games

UEFA Super Cup

UEFA Champions League

Europa League

African Cup of Nations

Commonwealth Games

FIFA World Cup

Tour De France

Wimbledon Open

Formula 1                                     

Grand Prix

11. Sports Venues

Blogging specifically about sports venues in your part of the world or from all corners of the globe can make your sports niche blog stand out.

Here are examples of topics to consider.

  • Events calendar in world-famous stadiums such as Wembley (London, England), Camp Nou (Barcelona, Spain), Old Trafford (Manchester, England) and Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid, Spain).
  • Activities that make venues special
  • Description of facilities
  • The largest and smallest stadiums
  • Special football matches such as El Clasico in Spain
  • The oldest and newest sporting venues
  • International standards
  • Special names for stadiums in the world
  • Venues that have hosted memorable sports events

The content opportunities are endless.

12. Sports Statistics

I know most avid football fans love to know the latest statistics in sports. They love arguments and want to back their claims with irrefutable facts.

Write informative blog posts that serve this need. Let your readers have a thorough knowledge of the figures in the following areas and even more.

  • Number of goals scored in a match or tournament
  • Trophies won by their favourite teams over a certain period of time.
  • Team positions on league tables
  • The richest teams list in any sporting discipline
  • The number of players on the transfer list.
  • The average age of teams
  • Oldest and youngest athletes
  • New and broken records
  • The most expensive transfer fees
  • The richest players in the world.

Feel free to publish articles on the top ten of everything in the sporting world you can think of.

13. Indoor Games

What indoor games do you enjoy playing? Is there an indoor game that you never get tired of talking about? See it as an opportunity.

Chess, badminton, table tennis and squash are just a few examples of indoor games suitable for a sports niche blog.

14. Technology in Sports

Nowadays, technology is everywhere and sports is never left out. As we speak right now, a lot of investment is going into using technology that would increase the quality of refereeing on the field of play.

Artificial Intelligence may soon become the preferred means to get back to the pitch the football that has gone over the touchline.

Clearly, this development presents a golden opportunity for bloggers who love technology and sports at the same time.

So where can you get enough content for a niche blog about technology in sports? I have a few ideas for you:

  • Computer games
  • Developments in the use of artificial intelligence in sports
  • Communication among players and between players and a referee
  • Latest developments in using technology to more accurately detect banned drug offenders in sports
  • Reporting sports news in real time

15. History of Sports

Do you enjoy History as a subject? Can you research information about historical events in national or international sports?

Do you have the zeal and stamina to search for answers about the historical development of a particular sport?

Can you give information in clear terms to readers who want to know more about the history of their favourite teams?

If you answer ‘yes’ to the majority of the above questions then you stand a good chance to make it big in this area.

Topics to consider for a sports history niche blog include the following:

  • Greatest goals of all time
  • Greatest Goalkeepers
  • The greatest strikers
  • Amazing wingers of all time
  • Greatest defenders of all time
  • The greatest midfielders

PLEASE NOTE. It is equally an excellent idea to have a blog with a laser-sharp focus on the greatest personalities in sports history only.

  • Tragedies in sports
  • Memorable matches
  • Greatest boxers of all time
  • Historical events that affected a particular sport
  • Origins of football, volleyball and so on
  • Sporting Firsts
  • Greatest countries
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) History

NFL History

Major League Baseball (MLB) History

Motor Racing History

Memorable competitions

The greatest years in sports history

16. Sports Product Reviews

Writing reviews about sports products is one of those profitable sports niche ideas you need to try.

This is best for sports bloggers who wish to monetize their traffic with affiliate marketing products.

Initially, all you need to do is to produce highly informative content for your website visitors. Then as you begin to win their hearts and minds, you introduce posts with commercial-intent keywords about the best sports products.

You will recommend such sports products as jerseys, sneakers, balls, medicines for pain control, and injury treatment services so that you can start making a commission.

17. Sports How-To

Simply publishing content about how to perform certain tasks or deal with common issues associated with sports is an excellent way to build super-useful content for your sports niche blog.

Draw inspiration from the below sample article titles. They should motivate you to come up with your own.

Just be sure that you know much about what you are telling your readers. Otherwise, you might want to undergo training in your chosen sport to make a real impact.

  • How to become a tennis star
  • How to expertly take a free kick
  • How to save a penalty shot/goal
  • How to learn how to box on your own
  • How to become a boxing world champion
  • The ultimate guide to swimming like a pro

18. Lesser Known Sports

While the majority of sports bloggers know how to write or speak about basketball, soccer, boxing and tennis, only a small minority care about the so-called lesser-known sports.

Since the competition is almost non-existent in some sports sub-niches in this area that may be surprisingly profitable, it might turn out to be a perfect choice.

Let’s have some examples.

  • Underwater Hockey
  • Toe Wrestling
  • Archery
  • Fencing
  • Kabaddi
  • Chess Boxing

19. Sports Associations

Another area where you can find profitable sports niche ideas is sports associations.

Blogging about association football, for example, can make you the go-to person in that field.

So if you believe you’ve got what it takes to blog solely about the ins and outs of sports associations, take the bold step and start that dream sports niche blog now.

Here are some national and international sports associations to focus on.




International Olympics Committee (IOC)

International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)

Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)

20. General Sports Updates

Simply writing and publishing brief, straight-to-the-point general sports updates is one of the smartest choices to make as a sports blogger.

The reason is that most sports fans and stakeholders just want to know the gist of what is happening daily in their favourite sport.

Have you got the passion for this? Then start dishing out concise information on the teams you think your audience loves most.

It will be a great idea to include updates on teams with a global following like Manchester United, AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juventus, Inter Milan, Athletico Madrid, Paris St Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Deportivo La Coruna and Bayern Munich.

You can also not afford to forget about such national football teams as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, Italy and England.

Finally, make sure to keep updating your readers on the greatest athletes in the game. The same applies to managers, transfers and new signings.

21. Sports Q & A

Provide quick answers to frequently asked questions in sports. Examples include

What is the difference between WBO, WBA and IBO in Boxing

Which team won the first FIFA World Cup

In which country is the biggest sports stadium in the world?

Which country is best known for marathon runners?

Who won the first world boxing heavyweight title?

What is the name of the richest basketball player in the world?

22. Sports Trivia

Find a different innovative angle for your sports niche site by publishing content on sports trivia.

Entertain your audience with posts on hilarious events in sports. Areas to look for interesting content include the following.

  • Gossip and rumours
  • Idiosyncracies of players and managers
  • Side gigs of professional athletes. You and I are aware of some sports personalities who also double as musicians and entertainers.
  • Superstition in sports
  • Shocking Celebrity Fans of Clubs
  • Politicians and their favourite teams or sports
  • Athletes who later became actors, musicians or politicians
  • Great sporting personalities who fell from grace to grass
  • Upsets in local and international sports competitions. It is all about unexpected results, score lines, wins and losses.

Additional Lucrative Sports Sub-Niches

There is a ton of other profitable sub-niches in sports. Some have remained relatively untapped.

Select what you like and quickly establish your blog as a topic authority in the eyes of Google.

  • Sports Fashion
  • Online Courses in Sports
  • Online Sports Coaching
  • Live Previews
  • Adventure Sports

Wrapping it all up

As you can see, there are endless opportunities for anyone looking for untapped profitable sports niche ideas. With a little bit of creativity, a positive mindset and determination, you will soon be on your way to becoming a successful sports blogger.

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