Top 16 Business Blogging Tips

Let’s start with me being honest about my primary reason for publishing these successful business blogging tips. I want to keep reminding myself about these vital points every day of my online publishing career.

DISCLOSURE. The posts on this site contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you use any link to buy a product. Thanks.

Because I consider these successful business blogging tips to be one of the most helpful sets of ideas that any business blogger must keep implementing all the time

Yes, you know, sometimes we first get the inspiration to give valuable advice to our followers. Then after that, we tend to forget about the same advice for our own small businesses.

So I’ve decided to list these successful business blogging tips for your benefit, of course, but also for my own use.

I will keep coming back to them. I want you too to do the same. Especially if you’re new to business blogging or are about to start a new blog in Ghana, Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere.

Why don’t you bookmark this page if you find them just as useful for your business blogging success as I do?

We can now have my successful business blogging tips. They promise to bring nothing but amazing success to your small business blog.

1. Offer relevant information.

The majority of internet surfers are there for one form of information or the other. And the search engines are there to make them find exactly what they want.

This is why your blog content needs to provide only the kind of information people are SEARCHING for.

The obvious result is Google and the other top search engines in the world cannot help but place your website and its pages right at the top of the search results.

2. Pave the way for finding that information.

Do you monetize your blog through affiliate marketing or by selling ad space? Well, we can hardly do without these blog monetization methods, can we?

At the same time, however, it is a good idea to make sure that your pages do not display banner ads anyhow and anywhere. Make your blog posts reader-friendly by following best practices in affiliate marketing.

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3. Write about your business.

You will need to market your business as a whole. Call it branding or brand promotion if you like. It is just important that you constantly tell the world what your business is all about.

Find intelligent ways to speak to your target market on such topics as company values, work culture, successes and challenges.

This approach will make your business appear real and authentic. It builds trust, you know.

4. Create special articles about your products.

Remember that every blog post is a marketing tool at the fingertips of the business blogger. This is, therefore, one of the best successful business blogging tips you will find anywhere.

Simply seize the opportunity to promote your company’s products via your blog articles.

It is not enough to make your posts sound informative. Of equal importance is the need to make sure your copy sounds interesting and compelling.

5. Do not leave out your customers.

Once in a while, devote a blog post to your customers. How can you do this? By speaking about the things that interest them.

Find blog topics that address their pain points, their cravings, their hobbies, and their sources of joy and satisfaction. Trust me, they will love you for it.

6. Include competitor product reviews.

This could be one more clever way of drawing traffic from other businesses to your site. Do not shy away from talking about what your competitors may be doing right or wrong.

If done right, this is one of those successful blogging tips with the potential to bring you amazing business blogging success.

Sure, you don’t want to place your competitors’ interests above yours. And you don’t want to antagonize them with persistent negative reviews either.

All you need to do is to strike the right balance. It is even a great idea to let them know you’ve been mentioning them of late.

7. Outsource the writing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a reliable professional freelance writer or two to do part of the work for you. These amazing people will bring their own perspectives to enrich your content.

When you outsource your business blog content occasionally, it can help in creating the needed variety.

The predictable result is an increase in page views and the attraction of more visitors in your niche.

Do not also forget the fact that asking for a helping hand from a freelance writer can save you time to use for executing certain on-site tasks only you can do properly.

8. Give information for free.

There is no denying the fact that every business blogger is out there to make some money for themselves. So, does that mean you should only be interested in making sure every bit of your content bears a price – direct or indirect? My answer is a big NO.

It is wiser to give the greater part of your otherwise super-valuable content for FREE.

People love free things. We all do. So give out much of your information for free.

And when they come around to take free coffee, put right before them some equally amazing products you are willing to give away just for a few bucks. It works, believe me.

Got the trick? Great. Let’s move forward to discover more successful business blogging tips.

9. Share what you’re learning.

This is one main reason I started this blog. When I entered the blogosphere back in 2017 as an amateur blogger, I found that there was so much I needed to learn.

And, OMG! I learnt like nobody’s business!

It is those lessons that keep me going on this rocky road of self-hosting on I mean even up to this day.

Now, I make it a point to help my followers who are beginner bloggers in Ghana, Nigeria and elsewhere. I do this by teaching and sharing the trickiest skills I continue to learn each passing day.

Let no one fool you, self-hosting your blog or website, is still a really techy-something. This is true even if you don’t want to have anything to do with coding. Because no one needs even the most basic coding skills in order to become a successful blogger. Things have changed a lot. Thanks to WordPress.

There is a steep learning curve out there for you when you enter the self-hosting world. You and I can’t avoid it if we really want business blogging success.

I’m assuming that you too have been learning some WordPress skills and other blogging lessons.

At least, once in a while, teach your audience, so they too can do what you’re able to do without much difficulty. Trust me, some of them will thank you for it in kind or in cash.

10. Market your content aggressively.

Sure, your content may be the most amazing thing to have ever happened in the world of business blogging. But who cares when no one knows you or the fact that your blockbuster content exists on the internet?

Let’s get a bit biblical here.

You can only make others see that bright candlelight of yours, not by hiding it under a bushel, but you taking it out and placing it right on top of the mountain. That’s where everyone else can see it and acknowledge the great work you’re doing. Wow! Perfectly clear, I suppose.

Here is a list of simple, inexpensive ways to promote your content to ensure successful business blogging.

  • Regular social media shares
  • Republishing your posts on Medium
  • Answering questions related to your content on Quora
  • Commenting on competitor posts
  • Encouraging your readers to share and comment via brief calls-to-action at the end of your posts
  • Linking to popular sites with a solid reputation
  • Sending updates to email subscribers
  • Offering freebies like ebooks and courses related to the specific content

11. Grow a following of potential customers first.

This is definitely one of those successful business blogging tips you can’t afford to miss.

The primary function of your business blog content must be to create awareness about your business, its products and services.

As it is often said, a blog, per se, is not a business. So your business blog is exactly what it is. It is meant to attract customers to your business.

It is only when you are satisfied with the quantity and quality of your blog traffic that you may decide to begin offering your services or products.

There are no hard and fast rules about what level of traffic is good enough for you to start monetizing that blog. It all depends on the niche and on you as an individual.

Just bear in mind that you will do better making money through your business blog when you begin developing a following of raving fans.

So, use your blog to build your brand firmly in the minds of your potential customers first.

12. Spend your time wisely on blogging.

Even though it is a must for you to have a blog for your business in this modern age of technology, it is not wise to spend all your time creating blog content.

Remember, other aspects of the business need to be taken care of.

I will advise that you create a workable daily routine for your business as a whole. You will then be able to give the right portion of your time to do effective blogging and also have enough time for other equally important business activities.

13. Use good grammar for successful business blogging.

The importance of good grammar in the life of any online writer can never be overstated. If for nothing at all, you want to sound clear and convey the right meanings to your readers.

Also, the quality of your expression will make people form a certain impression of you and your brand.

Imagine yourself visiting a website where the writer professes to be writing in English but you find it difficult to get exactly what they are trying to tell you! Simply because the grammar stinks.

Bad, incomprehensible grammar puts you off, right? It is the same for every other reader. So make sure your grammar is good enough.

Mind you, I am not saying you should be perfect. No one is – myself included. All you need to do is up your game. Keep learning and improving your art of writing in your chosen language.

Following the below tips will help to improve your grammar when writing a blog post.

  • Use grammar apps (I love calling them GRAMMAR ROBOTS) such as Grammarly.

But be warned. Not all the suggestions are good for humans.

So when a grammar robot WRONGLY suggests have instead of has for you in construction like:

One of these tools has been of great help to me,

I hope you will remember that you’re more intelligent than a robot and that you know what you’re about!

  • Ask for editing and proofreading help from a freelancer. I’m ready to help you with this. Any time.
  • Let a friend or your partner edit your work.
  • Go over your work several times before hitting the publish button.
  • Keep coming back to check for grammatical errors in your old posts.

Use Google search to verify the correctness of tenses, spellings and other areas you are not too sure of.

There are lots of online dictionaries to help you. I personally use the Cambridge Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Collins Dictionary to crosscheck my grammar and expression.

14. Include the keywords online searchers are using.

This is one of the surest ways to get noticed online. And it remains arguably #1 among all the successful business blogging tips when it comes to search engine optimization (or simply, SEO).

There are countless theories and opinions regarding keywords, keyword research and what have you already making the rounds on the internet. For that matter, I won’t bother you with all that stuff now.

At least, not in this particular post.

Suffice it to say that when you’re able to use the same words or phrases people online are typing into their Google search bar, you will be making it easier for the search engine to spot your content and then offer it as a useful resource to internet users in your niche.

If you want to know more about keywords and the crucial role they play in search engine optimization (SEO), I urge you to take a look at this article.  

15. Offer quality content.

I should have said this one a long time ago.

I think this is the ultimate piece of advice about successful business blogging you can find anywhere.

Below is a summary of the essential features of what qualifies to be called quality content on your business blog.

  • Original ideas.

You can still sound original even if you gathered your information by doing some research online or offline. Plagiarizing other people’s content won’t help you in any way. It will rather harm you in too many ways.

  • Factual content.

Back your claims with well-documented statistics and references from reputable sources.

  • Uniqueness

Online content is such that you will be shocked to know the sheer number of people saying exactly what you consider to be your brand-new, special gift to the world.

Here, then, is where some level of differentiation comes in.

Whatever it is that you want to say, you must say it with your unique voice. Let your personal style shine through it all. Persist in making that difference and you will stay ahead of most of the pack.

  • Interesting stories

Go off-topic once in a while. Be personable and make your content engaging enough. Infuse a good measure of humour into your writing. Avoid being too stiff. If not, your content will break in ways you won’t like.

  • Well-written

Remember what we said about good grammar and expression early on? Get it right as much as you possibly can. That’s enough.

  • Relevant content.

Sure, this sounds like repetition. (Go to point #1 above) But I think what is worth saying is worth saying well.

Never, for a moment, forget to give only what your audience cares about. The fact that you are knowledgeable about plenty of other topics gives you no right to bore your readers with irrelevant material – no matter how great you think it is.

16. Remember the graphics.

Infographics, charts, photos and graphs are among the popular visuals used to make a blog post more engaging. I really need to up my own game in this department. There are free awesome images to choose from for your content at places like FREEIMAGES.COM, and

Wrapping it all up …

Business blogging is an interesting online marketing activity just as it is a lot of hard work. It has the potential to help any business to grow and make the needed profits.

But if it is not done right, it could also create unwanted problems for the business. This is why any online writer or entrepreneur who wants to add blogging as one more marketing tool needs to know the right way to go about it for the best results.

I trust that you will take the above successful business blogging tips seriously. Because I know they are capable of helping you achieve your own business blogging success.

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Ralph Nyadzi is a self-published author and educational blogger at Cegast Academy. He took his first baby steps as an online publishing entrepreneur in 2016 and hasn't looked back since. He lives in the Central Region of Ghana with River, his adorable pet cat.

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