How to Fix There Has Been a Critical Error on Your Website

Let’s learn how to fix “There Has Been a Critical Error on Your Website

Once in a while, every professional blogger is likely to come face to face with the so-called white screen of death.

As you attempt to log in to your WordPress website and resume work, as usual, on your blog, you see something you never prepared for. It is a blank page save for this scary, confusing message.

There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Learn more about debugging … blah blah blah.

I personally have experienced this situation a couple of times. The disheartening side of it all is you go into your admin email inbox to see a blank there too!

There is no email sent related to your “critical error on your WordPress website” problem.

HEAD, SCRATCH, HEAD, SCRATCH, HEAD, SCRATCH, … SCRATCH, SCRATCH  … The louse is that problem. You can easily get rid of it. Here is how.

How to feel

No need to panic. It’s quite simple and straightforward to fix that critical error on your website challenge.

Are you in this unenviable position right now? Well, do not be dismayed. I’m going to show you how to deal with a critical error on your website issue.

It can be fixed quite easily. Let’s just hope that it’s all got something to do with PLUGINS! Yes, plugins.

Good servants, annoying masters, these plugins are!

So what I’m showing you is a solution to your critical error on the WordPress website conundrum. It should work provided that the source of the problem is connected to those free WordPress plugins you’ve been installing left, right, and oh, centre!

Now, here’s how to fix a critical error on your website message on that white screen of death.

Follow these steps

Log in to your Client Area on your hosting company’s website. You definitely must have a web host.

Go straight to the Cpanel.

Find FILE MANAGER and click on it.

Look for “public_html” and click on it.

Then find “wp_content” and click again. I hope you’re enjoying the CLICKS.

Look for “PLUGINS”

As soon as you find “PLUGINS”, click on it.

Find “RENAME” somewhere on your screen. Mine is sitting up there on the top menu bar. Who knows, yours could be there as well. Click on it.

Now you can rename “PLUGINS” to “plugins. hold”. Make sure to click on the tiny rename this file button.

So you’ve renamed that PLUGIN file.

Please leave this tab there. DO NOT CLOSE IT IN THE BROWSER. You will need to return to this page and that shouldn’t be another headache for you.

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What next?

Open a new tab and hurry back to attempt to log in to your website again. If the plugins are the problem, you should be able to log in now.

Click on the plugins link in your website’s admin DASHBOARD

But here is the catch. You will find that all your plugins have been deactivated. You did that! How?

When you renamed that plugin folder in FILE MANAGER via C-Panel a moment ago.

It’s good news. Nothing to worry about. This should give you hope. In fact, do a huge sigh of relief. I do it all the time when I’m able to fix one “big” tech issue on my site all by myself. So do it. No one is watching; don’t feel shy about it.

Sigh of relief over. Let’s move on and finish with this. Yes, we’ve come to the finishing line. Are you ready?

Back to File Manager in C-Panel

Go back to the place you renamed “plugins” to “plugins.hold”. I told you not to close nor touch that tab in the browser. So going back should just flow like easy water.

Rename “PLUGIN.HOLD” back to its original “PLUGINS” (Small letters, please. I’ve been using the capital letters for the sake of emphasis.)

Make sure to click on the tiny rename this file button once again.

Go back to your website dashboard and refresh the plugins page. Now all your plugins will appear encouragingly.

The last time I had to do this, I reactivated the plugins one after the other. I didn’t want any more trouble.

No need to be in haste and perform this action in bulk.

Things should get back to normal now.

One more thing …

In fact, I had previously suspected a certain plugin of causing me conflict problems. I wouldn’t know for sure because my technical expertise in WordPress plugin-plugin or theme-plugin conflict issues isn’t that great.

But I needed to take the necessary precautionary measures. I could do without that plugin anyway. I ditched it. Yes, axed.

I’m not asking you do this bit too. All I want to do is share my experience with you. You’re free to try this one, though. That is if you’ve been paying close attention to the pranks of your plugins and how they relate to the others.

Maybe you’re not too comfortable with a particular one. Do whatever pleases you. That’s what guts or instincts are meant for.

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