Monetag Revenue -17 Facts to Guide Beginner Bloggers

Monetag revenue models include Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Click (CPC). Making the decision to earn Propeller Ads revenue is one of the smartest moves any newbie blogger can make. In this post, I will tell you all the facts you need to know about earning Propeller Ads revenue on your blog. And I will try to make each point about earning Propeller Ads revenue as brief as possible.

Getting to the end of this post, I will tell you my little secret about the latest ad format at Propeller Ads called ‘Vignette Banner’. And I know you will love to hear it.

PropellerAds for Publishers is Now Monetag

So whenever you come across the name, Monetag just know that it is referring to the old PropellerAds for publishers platform.

Let’s continue.

As you will see, this is not one of those very long ad network review posts that go on and on. Because I believe that a serious blogger like you will not have much time for reading a thesis in the name of a Propeller Ads review.

How Ad Networks Are Stealing Publishers’ Income?

All you want to know are the bare facts so you can quickly make a decision, right? You’re at the right place, trust me.

So here we go.

1. Is Propeller Ads Legit?

Yes, of course, Propeller Ads is a legitimate Ad Network. Personally, I’ve been working with Propeller Ads for almost two years now and they have never disappointed me.

When it comes to payments for ad earnings, the guys at Propeller Ads make sure your money is sent to you exactly the way they have promised in their Terms and Conditions.

This blog, for example, is a Propeller Ads partner website.

Moreover, Propeller Ads is a duly registered internet advertising company. Here are some facts about them to convince you that, truly, Propeller Ads is legit.

  • Propeller Ads is a legally registered limited liability company
  • According to their contact information, Propeller Ads headquarters are in Cyprus. They have additional offices in places like the Isle of Man and the Czech Republic.

2. What Are the Propeller Ads Requirements

Unlike Google Adsense and other similar ad networks, there are no strict requirements for joining Propeller Ads. Except that the content on your blog must meet the standards set for all acceptable content on the internet.

In other words, if you do not publish content that promotes prohibited activities like violence, child pornography and the like, you are good to go.

Remember also that you can only sign up and start earning ad revenue with Propeller Ads when your content is published on a self-hosted website.

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Though this is not one of the requirements, making sure that your website is ready to display ads efficiently will play a significant role in your effort to maximize ad revenue.

I will strongly suggest that you consider using the Astra WordPress theme for your site. The Astra theme has proven to be one of the best themes for any blog that is set up to display ads for consistent ad revenue generation.

For the design of an effective and cost-effective brand logo for your website, check out You will be amazed at what the Looka website brand kit has to offer at a very reasonable price.

3. Can You Make Money With Propeller Ads?

Sure, you can make money with Propeller Ads.

In fact, any serious newbie blogger can make money with Propeller Ads. I have personally been able to make money with Propeller Ads for the past two years.

And, don’t forget, I am based in Ghana. Ghana is probably in the third-tier geo category in internet advertising terminology.

On one of my blogs, the majority of visitors come from the West African sub-region. What this simply means is that the CPM rate can be very, very low as compared to first-tier countries like the US and Canada.

Despite this obvious handicap, I still make a decent Propeller Ads revenue. And if I can make money with Propeller Ads, so can you.


4. What Are the Propeller Ads Earning Models?

The major Propeller Ads revenue models are CPM, CPA and CPC. These are cost per a thousand impressions, cost per action and cost per click respectively.

So which is the most profitable Propeller Ads revenue earning model? I think it depends. For most newbie bloggers, however, the CPM model tends to be the most attractive and profitable.

The fun part of it all is that the system will automatically choose the best ad revenue model for you upon signing up to join the platform.

5. Propeller Ads Revenue Generation

Like I said a moment ago, the traffic geo location determines the ad revenue rates for each website. For that matter, the question of how much Propeller Ads can pay you for your traffic does not have a straightforward answer.

Do not also forget that the volume of traffic is a major factor when it comes to ad revenue earnings.

A third factor is the particular niche of your blog content. The good news is that generally, Propeller Ads’ revenue compares favourably with other top ad networks like Google Adsense, Mediavine, Ezoic, AdPushup and AdThrive.

PRO TIP. Ezoic is another huge ad revenue earner for bloggers. They accept any traffic volume and it does not matter where your traffic is coming from. Try Ezoic on any day.

6. Which Niche is Best For Propeller Ads Revenue?

It is difficult to say. But from what I’ve observed so far, I can tell you that the entertainment niche is one of the best out there for making money with Propeller Ads. If you have a passion for producing content on blog topics like sports, betting, movies, music and the like, you will stand a good chance of earning reasonably high CPM rates with this ad network.

But hey, do not despair if your first love is not the entertainment niche. Personally, my educational niche blog still earns me decent Propeller Ads revenue.

7. How Can You Increase Propeller Ads Revenue?

Do the following to increase Propeller Ads earnings for your blog.

  • Research and choose the right niche.
  • Produce a lot of blog content on a consistent basis.
  • Market your blog aggressively. You can do this by word of mouth, SEO best practices, social media sharing of your posts and email marketing.
  • Monitor the performance of your ad earnings and keep refining your monetization strategies.

This article might throw more light on how much your blog can generate using PropellerAds

8. How Much Does Propeller Ads Pay Per 1000 Views?

Do you want to know how to make $100 per day with Propeller Ads?

Again, this very much depends on several factors. What I can tell you is that it is possible for a blogger to earn CPM rates as high as $100 or even more.

On the other side of the coin, it is also possible to earn as low as $0.50 or less.

From my personal experience, the Propeller Ads Revenue CPM rates often start from a low point but keep increasing consistently over a long period.

This is why all ad networks advise their publishers not to get disappointed to the extent of removing their ad tags when things don’t seem to meet their expectations at the early stages.

And I want you to keep this valuable piece of advice in mind all the time. Because it is entirely possible for you to eventually make $100 per day with Propeller Ads, all things being equal.

9. What is Propeller Ads Minimum Payout?

PropellerAds minimum payout threshold for publishers is $5. Besides, each publisher is allowed the freedom to set their custom minimum payment above the standard $5.

10. Which Are the Propeller Ads Payment Methods?

Below is a list of the payment gateways available at Propeller Ads.

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney

PayPal is obviously the easiest and most efficient payment method at Propeller Ads. You can get your money 30 days after it hits the minimum payment threshold of $5.

Please, note that for Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit, Propeller Ads demands that your total earnings reach a minimum of $500.

Also, you must be willing to cough out $50 for a transaction fee.

Would I recommend Skrill? No, I wouldn’t. I lost my hard-earned money to them not too long ago. Yes, they just took it. And the funny thing is there is no way to contact them.

All the normal channels of communication you will see everywhere online are non-existent with these guys.

You may have a different opinion about Skrill and I can’t deny you that. But if you are a complete newbie, I would advise that you think again before choosing Skrill as your preferred payment gateway.

11. Can You Combine Propeller Ads With Google Adsense?

It is entirely possible to combine Propeller Ads ad units with those of Google Adsense. Many bloggers out there have been using Propeller Ads with Google Adsense with much success.

A word of caution, though. Google Adsense will not like it when you have the so-called On-Click Popunder ads from Propeller Ads all over your site.

These ads tend to seriously undermine user experience (UX). For this reason, Google will begin to send you warnings when they detect that your site is violating their policy guidelines regarding user experience.

So what must you do whether you use Adsense as well or not? Find the best way to use the various Propeller Ads ad formats so that your site’s user experience is not compromised.

That’s not just for the sake of Google Adsense. It is also for your site’s overall performance.

12. Propeller Ads Self-Click Penalty

I know that no ad network will allow publishers to click on ads on their own sites. Such a practice amounts to fraud. And there are effective mechanisms to detect any such act in order to apply the necessary sanctions.

Thus, to continue enjoying your legitimate ad revenue, do not self-click your Propeller Ads links.

13. Propeller Ads Revenue Share

As a publisher, your share of Propeller Ads Revenue is 80%.

14. Propeller Ads Monetization Ad Formats

Below is a list of the Propeller Ads monetization ad formats or ad units at the time of writing this article. At Propeller Ads, the ad formats are called ‘Zones’.

  • Multi-Tag (All-in-One)
  • OnClick (Popunder)
  • Push Notifications
  • In-Page Push (Banner)
  • Interstitial
  • Vignette Banner
  • Direct Link Ads

TOP SECRET: The Propeller Ads Vignette Banner ad format is one of the cleanest you can find. Moreover, it is a high-earning ad format that you might really want to try. That is especially if you wish to safely combine Propeller Ads Network with Adsense on your blog.

15. Is Propeller Ads Any Good for Bloggers/Publishers?

Now here comes the mother of all questions. Is Propeller Ads worth it?

Put differently, is Propeller Ads any good for bloggers? My straightforward answer is yes. Propeller Ads is among the highest-earning ad networks for publishers, both newbies and experienced ones.

The company is legit going by the information you can find on its official website. Additionally, Propeller Ads boasts of raving reviews it continues to receive from respected bloggers like this one.

Beyond that, it is much easier to sign up and start earning an income on your new website with PropellerAds.

Finally, its revenue-earning models are attractive and you are sure to get one of the highest shares of ad revenue you can get anywhere today.

And remember, Propeller Ads will not ask for any minimum traffic volume as a precondition for accepting your website on their platform.

16. How to Sign Up And Start Making Propeller Ads Revenue

Are you convinced that Propeller Ads might just be the right ad network for your blog?

Then take the following steps to sign up and begin enjoying your Propeller Ads revenue.

  • Visit the Propeller Ads official website.
  • Click on the MONETIZE tab on the menu.
  • Click to sign up
  • Fill in the necessary information. Do not provide false information, please.
  • Submit your application and wait for quick approval.
  • Follow the steps you will be shown to integrate your site with Propeller Ads.
  • Make sure to select your preferred payment method and specify your preferred minimum payment threshold.
  • On your new Propeller Ads account dashboard, select the Ad Format(s) of your choice, get the tags and add them to your site as well.

Within minutes, you will see Propeller Ads in action on your site. And that’s just the beginning of what will become a long fascinating history of earning Propeller Ads revenue on your blog.

17. Can You Join Propeller Ads Affiliates Program?

Yes, you can join to refer other publishers to sign up with Propeller Ads. This will enable you to earn affiliate income based on the amount your referrals generate.

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