Does AdSense Approve Education Blogs? The Facts

Sure, the folks at Google AdSense approve education blogs and websites. As far as my personal experience goes, the fact that Adsense approves education-related blogs and websites is not something to be disputed.

In this post about AdSense for Education niche blogs, I am going to let you know all the facts that support my point that it is not too difficult to get Google AdSense approval for your education blog.

Are you a teacher who wants to start an education-related blog and monetize it with AdSense? Then I have good news for you. AdSense can definitely approve your education niche blog within a matter of weeks or days after applying for an AdSense account.

And if you happen to be a student or any other professional who wishes to share your knowledge and expertise and have it monetized with AdSense display ads, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you right now.

AdSense will approve your education blog just like it approves other niche blogs.

I have heard some people say that the guys at Adsense do not approve blogs with education-related content. This is not true.

And I’m about to give you all the reasons why I believe that truly, Adsense does approve education niche websites and blogs.

So here we go.

Adsense Did Approve My Education Blog in Two Days

Here is a brief account of my experience with getting Adsense to accept my education blog. It is a really funny and interesting story. I will show you how a silly mistake I made without even knowing it kept my Adsense application pending for almost three years.

And throughout that time, all I came to believe erroneously was that it was difficult to get Adsense approval for an education niche blog.

After all, there are too many bloggers out there who keep telling all beginner bloggers that it is not easy getting Google Adsense approval for a blog. But it is a lie.

Here is what happened.

A couple of years before I started my teaching blog on WordPress, I had created a certain website with almost the same name on Google’s Blogger platform.

I toyed around with this Blogspot blog of mine for a few months but got disillusioned along the way. The reasons for that are purely personal. I am not in any way suggesting that Blogspot websites or blogs are bad. Not at all.

So I abandoned that Blogger website and started a new one with WordPress. The name remains almost the same as what I had left to hibernate on the Blogger blog.

Now here is the thing. I used my original Google account to create that abandoned Blogger website. So my email address was tied to that account already.

Then my new WordPress blog began to experience significant success with the number of visitors and pageviews.  I happily went ahead to apply for Google Adsense.

It was a long and painful wait. Each time I went into my Google account, I saw that my application for Adsense approval had not been approved.

Months passed. No good news. Then a year went by and nothing had changed. It was the same notification inside my Google account telling me I had to finish my setup (or something like that) to get approval.

You may be aware that Google has this annoying attitude of not giving you the necessary details of any issues you may have with your application or your duly approved website.

So I remained largely in the dark.

How I Finally Got Adsense to Approve My Education Blog

Then one day, something told me to scrutinize my application for Adsense approval. And lo and behold. I realized that all this long while, I never applied for Adsense approval for my new site.

Rather, everything was, in fact, being done in the name of my long-abandoned site without me even knowing.

In fact, there was no way that Adsense would approve that uncompleted Blogspot website!

To cut a long story short, I quickly created a completely new Google account with a brand new email address. I also cancelled that old Gmail account to avoid any issues with duplicate applications.

Next, I actually applied for Adsense acceptance for my education blog on The truth is I had never applied for Adsense approval for this new education blog all this while.

I was expecting Adsense to approve my WordPress blog when, in fact, it was my abandoned Blogger site that was on Google Adsense’s records.

Now you may be asking how long did it take for me to get Adsense approval for Cegast Academy? Two days!

I am not kidding you. I woke up the day after to see Adsense display ads on my education blog pages.

About a week later, I got Adsense approval for two more websites. BloggingtotheMax is one. The other is a client’s lifestyle blog.

What then is my point?

In most cases, the reason you may not have Adsense approve an education blog has something more to do with some very simple mistake you keep making other than Adsense blatantly refusing to accept your website because it is in a particular niche.

adsense display ads

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

And it is up to you to patiently investigate the issue. Unfortunately, you can’t expect the folks at Adsense to give you the critical details.

And remember that this is not peculiar to any particular blogging niche. The problem cuts across.

Education Niche Topics Do Not Violate Google Adsense Policies

Another reason why I believe Adsense does approve education-related blogs is this. Typically, educational topics per se do not violate Google Adsense policies for publishers and webmasters.

Assuming all you do on your educational niche website is publish original content that is intended for a certain type of audience. Your website visitors may be either high school students or teachers or both. All you are doing is providing educational information on a topic that you are passionate about.

Provided that you’ve got your website set up properly according to all Adsense requirements and that you do not violate any Google Adsense policy that applies to all blogging niches, you should have your teacher blog approved by Adsense in a matter of weeks or even days.

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Many Education Blogs Feature Adsense Display Ads

This is enough proof that Adsense does approve education-related blogs and websites.

Just take a walk around the internet. You will realize that the number of websites with education-related content showing display ads from Adsense is endless.

You might want to verify my claim by checking out these websites. Are they not education niche websites?

Free Technology for Teachers

So you see, Adsense does approve education blogs. Yours is just going to be one of the thousands of blogs with education-related topics that have successfully gained Adsense approval.

It is Objectionable Content That Adsense Frowns Upon

Adsense only approves or disapproves applications from bloggers based on the type of content they publish. Let’s take a cursory look at the types of content you must avoid in order to get fast approval by Adsense.

  • Adult content
  • Topics about violence
  • Plagiarized content
  • Hateful speech
  • Duplicate content

Google considers the above as objectionable content. Therefore you are not going to find it easy getting Adsense to approve your education blog if your pages feature any of these.

Adsense Does Not Work With All Ad Networks

Does Adsense accept education blogs that are already working with other Ad Networks? Of course, yes. But that is not the end of the matter.

Adsense may refuse to approve an education-related website that shows ads that violate its policy guidelines. These may fall under the following broad categories.

  • Ads that contain objectionable content as outlined above
  • Too many onclick or popunder ads
  • Bad user experience ads. An example is misleading ads that take users to unexpected external pages.
  • Ad formats that directly compete with Google’s own ad formats

Adsense Can Approve Your Education Blog Fast Enough

Finally, let me assure you that it is entirely possible for Adsense to approve education blogs without hesitation. I personally got my education blog approved the moment I fixed my own silly mistakes I failed to realize early enough.

Since then I have helped many other education niche bloggers get Adsense approval without much sweat.

Now you have enough evidence to show that Adsense does not discriminate against educational blogs or any other niche blog for that matter. So what are you waiting for? Put your brand new teacher blog in top shape and apply for Adsense ads to start showing on your site.

Remember that if for nothing at all, you need to monetize your education niche blog because you must pay the bills.

Bonus Point: Ezoic Will Tripple Your Ad Revenue

Yes, in case no one told you there is a new kid on the block. The name is Ezoic. Ezoic uses Artificial Intelligence to perform wonders for publishers in terms of boosts in ad revenue, website speed, SEO, user experience, Core Web Vitals, traffic and a lot more.

I have since moved on from complete reliance on Adsense for my ad revenue. Ezoic has helped me get multiple positive outcomes for my blogging business.

The Ezoic platform is arguably one of the best display ad networks out there making a ton of money for many bloggers. That is when you put aside other equally great Adsense competitors like AdThrive and Mediavine.

And the good news is that there is no traffic requirement to start monetizing your educational blog content with Ezoic display ads. All the same, Ezoic has the same standards as Adsense.

So even though you do not need Adsense to approve your blog in order to get approval by Ezoic, you still need to meet the standards set by Google Adsense. This is because Ezoic is a Certified Google Adsense Partner.

Are you looking for evidence about Ezoic earnings by bloggers? You will find a lot of raving Ezoic reviews online. Trust me, the Ezoic ad revenue figures are simply mind-blowing.

I, therefore, encourage you to give Ezoic a try.

Final Thoughts

Would you love to find some workable ideas to start an educational blog? You can learn more about the best educational niche blog topics that will take your blog to a completely new level. And if you need information about how to write education blog posts for the best results, you will have them on this site. Do you need help getting Adsense approval for your website? I am always here to help, no matter your blogging niche.

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