Best Web Hosting Companies for Beginners: Your Ultimate List

The most sought-after web hosting companies for beginners include GoDaddy, A2 Hosting, Hostinger, Bluehost, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting and Dreamhost. However, this is just a tiny fraction of a long list of beginner-friendly web hosting companies worldwide. In this post, I will give you a much bigger list of the best web hosting services in the world.

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Additionally, I will furnish you with the best web hosting companies list for specific countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, India and Pakistan. These are some of the countries where the blogging business is so popular that it is becoming a way of life.

Other places like Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and the Philippines are featured in this list of reputable web hosting companies that are best for beginner bloggers.

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So if you want to know the web hosting companies from which to buy a domain name or on whose servers to host your new website’s files and start a full-time blogging business then you are in the right place.

Just sit back as I take you through the names of the top web hosting companies in the world today.

Resources for Further Research

At the end of every segment of this list, you can find a link that will help you discover more information about the various web hosting companies.

I’m talking about information such as the features and special offers that make each web hosting website good enough to be part of the list.

Among these unique features are the following

  • competitive pricing
  • great server uptime
  • free SSL certificate
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • addon domains
  • website security and
  • excellent customer support.

Other Related Questions Answered

Again, by the end of this post, you will know the name of the largest web hosting company in the world.

Look out for a list of the best web hosting companies for beginner niche bloggers and small businesses.

Another important fact about web hosting that I will share with you is the average cost of a web hosting service in the US and elsewhere.

Are you ready to discover the list of the best web hosting companies for both beginners and experienced bloggers in the US, Canada and the UK? Would you love to have those of India and many other places around the globe? Then let’s dive in.

We shall begin by answering the most basic question about web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Put differently, what does a web hosting company do?

This is how defines web hosting.

Web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web. Website content such as HTML, CSS and images has to be housed on a server to be viewable online.

Thus, a web hosting provider typically allocates space on a server for a website to store its files. Every website you’ve ever seen, including this one, is hosted by a hosting company on a server.

There are many data centres scattered at different locations around the globe that house these servers.

What is the best web hosting company?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

While blogging giants like QuickSprout would hasten to tell you Hostinger is the overall best web hosting company in the world, other websites like Finances Online insist that the title for the best web hosting company belongs to InMotion Hosting.

What does this apparent confusion mean to you?

Do not let the unavoidable disagreements over who occupies the top spot in the list of the best web hosting companies discourage you. The reason is that this is a clear demonstration of the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

What is important, however, is that some particular web hosting providers appear consistently in almost every list of the best WordPress hosting companies for beginners.

So whether it is the WPBeginner list, webhostingbuddy list or list, all appear to agree on a basic fact:

The often repeated web hosting providers’ names are in the elite group of best web hosting companies.

And here they are:











What makes a web hosting provider highly rated?

Clearly, the above is the undisputed list of top web hosting services in terms of great uptime, reliability, top-notch security, site speed, competitive pricing, mouth-watering special deals and excellent customer support,

Another critical factor at play in the compilation of the best web hosting companies list is user rating.

Any newbie blogger needs to choose from the best web hosting companies list based on what other users have been saying about their most recent experiences with the service and the company in question.

Though it is almost impossible to read no negative reviews about even the best web hosting companies, you are sure to find out that the good ones have more positive reviews coming from a large number of previous or current users.

Watch out for hidden charges and excessive upselling.

In fact, some web hosting companies tend to quote shared hosting prices that may appear too good to be true. In that case, take your time to read multiple reviews about the company’s services.

Sometimes you may discover that the initial offer price is only meant to entice you. As soon as you pay for it, you will be introduced to expensive domain name and/or hosting yearly renewal prices you have never bargained for.

That should be the time for you to advise yourself.

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Top Web Hosting Companies List

According to, these are the best 10 web hosting companies currently.

Hostinger – Best overall

Bluehost – Best for starter WordPress Websites

Dreamhost – Best value for shared hosting

HostGator – Best for simple websites

GreenGeeks – Best Eco-friendly hosting

SiteGround- Best WordPress-certified host for speed and security

A2 Hosting – Fast and reliable shared hosting

InMotion – Best VPS Hosting

WPEngine – Best Managed WordPress hosting

Nexcess – Best for e-commerce hosting

Find out more about this list of the best web hosting companies in the world.

Next, comes another opinion of the top 20 web hosting companies. As I said before, you will realize that the same names keep appearing except for a few points of difference.

Best Web Hosting Companies: Finances Online

1. InMotion Hosting

2. GoDaddy

3. Hostinger

4. HostPapa

5. Cloudways

6. HostGator

7. Hostwinds

8. Bluehost

9. iPage

10. HostFav

11. Dreamhost

12. Host Monster

13. Namecheap

14. 1&1

15. Fasthosts

16. GreenGeeks

17. Justhost

18. SiteGround

19. Host1Plus

20. eUKhost

Other Popular Web Hosting Companies for Beginners

What we have seen so far are not the only web hosting companies in the world. In fact according to, as of 2021, there were over 330,000 web hosting companies worldwide.

Have a look at this long list of web hosting services. You should find at least, one hosting provider good enough to host your new niche website.


Liquid Web




A Small Orange

Amazon S3


IX Web Hosting




Network Solutions


Scala Hosting







Lighting Base

Hawk Host


 Stable Host


Webline Services



Media Temple

Digital Ocean







Which web hosting is best for a beginner?

The best web hosting list for beginners has top web hosts like Bluehost, HostGator, Flywheel, Hostinger and Dreamhost

You need to consider the following factors before settling on a web hosting service for a beginner blog.

Affordable pricing

Are you bootstrapping to get your new blog off the ground? Then the last thing you want to do is spend too much on a hosting service.

Shared hosting availability

Putting free hosting aside, shared hosting is the cheapest of all the hosting types. So as a beginner niche blogger, shared hosting is exactly what you need to be looking for unless you can easily afford top-tier hosting services like dedicated server hosting.

Reliable customer support

At this stage, you probably know very little about the technical stuff relating to managing a self-hosted website.

This is why you must get a patient, competent, reliable and easy-to-communicate-with customer support team from your hosting provider. Anything short of that could create unnecessary delays and frustrations for you.

I’ve been there before and it’s not something I would even wish for my enemy. So be careful.

Great uptime.

Almost all the web hosting companies in the lists you see in this article would claim that their uptime is 99.99 per cent.

Well, that’s fine. But know this one fact. None of these web hosting companies will ever say openly that their uptime stinks even if it does.

Some asking around before selecting your web hosting provider would, therefore, save you from a few bouts of headaches down the road.

What is the largest web hosting company?

According to, GoDaddy is the largest web hosting company in the world with a staggering market share of 18.49% compared to Bluehost’s 3.24%.

Others in the list of the 10 largest web hosting services in the world are, in descending order, the following.


Ionos also known as 1&1







InMotion Hosting

Local Web Hosting Providers List

Now I want to bring you closer home and help you discover some of the best web hosting companies you can work with locally.

So whether you are trying to start a niche website in the US or Canada, the UK or the Philippines, India or Pakistan, you will find a suitable web hosting company to kickstart your blogging business.

Are you a wannabe blogger in an African country such as Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa or Zimbabwe? You can find the list of best web hosting services near you.

Best Web Hosting Companies in the US

So what is the best web hosting company in the US? Again it depends on whom you ask. But note that there is not much difference in terms of overall quality of service among the top web hosting companies in the US.

The fact that there are multitudes of super successful bloggers working with a wide variety of these hosting providers should encourage you to just pick what appeals to you most. It is of no use to spend too much time deciding on your web hosting provider.

Here is a list of some of the best web hosting services in the US.





Ionos also known as 1&1





InMotion Hosting

A2 Hosting



How much does it cost to host a website in the US?

In the US, the monthly cost of web hosting ranges from $2.20 to $44.99 for shared hosting, $2.99 to $509.99 for VPS Hosting, and $27 to $749.99 for Dedicated Hosting.

As you can see, shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting while dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of web hosting service.

You can find further details about web hosting pricing here.

Best Web Hosting Companies in the UK

According to some sources, the best overall web hosting company in the UK is Hostinger. The other best web hosting companies in the UK are

SitegroundUK for best customer support. Visit

iPage for best cheap web hosting

Bluehost for best WordPress hosting

Hostgator for best web hosting for beginners

GreenGeeks – best eco-friendly web hosting

FatCow – best web hosting for smaller sites

JustHost – best UK web host for blogging

Heart InternetUK – best reseller UK web host

GoDaddy for best small business web host

Find out more.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Canada

Among the best web hosting companies in Canada are WebHosting Canada, HostPapa, Hostinger and Bluehost.

Other top Canadian web hosting services are PlanetHoster,, A2 Hosting and Siteground.

GreenGeeks and HostGator are also among the best web hosting companies in Canada.

See more details and compare prices.

Best Web Hosting Companies in the Philipines

The top web hosting companies in the Philippines that you can allow to host your niche website are,, ALC Hosting, i.Manila, .ph. GoManilaHost. Net and

Other key web hosting services locally resident in the Philippines are 1peso Hosting, Digital Pound and

See more details and compare prices

Best Web Hosting Companies in India

Here is the list of the best web hosting companies in India. The best web hosting companies in India include hosting services in the US that are popular with most Indian website owners and bloggers.



Reseller Club



Host Raja

InMotion Hosting




The above list of the best web hosting companies in India comes from

Other top-rated web hosting companies in India are GoDaddy, FastComet, DomainRacer, MilesWeb, LiquidWeb, Cloudways and Kinsta.

Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

The best web hosting companies in Pakistan are HostePK, ZainHosting, Domain.PK, Paki Hosting, Host Break and WebSouls. Others are Easyhost.PK, HostingHouse, XmartHost and SkyHost.PK

The above list of best hosting companies in Pakistan is predominantly made up of local Pakistani web hosting services.

I have also discovered that a lot of Pakistani bloggers and businesses choose to buy web hosting services from more established US-based web hosting companies such as Bluehost, Siteground, HostGator and Hostinger.

Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Some of the best locally-owned web hosting companies in Nigeria are, WhoGoHost and

Others on the list of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria are GlobalHosting247, TF Host and Host Now Now.

The rest include QServers Network Limited, SmartWebNigeria and Talohost.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Ghana

Stormerhost, IntekHost, Aveshost, and Ovation Hall are among the best web hosting companies in Ghana.

The list of the best web hosting companies in Ghana also includes Nakroteck, Ultrahost and Web4Africa.

Others are Uptimux, DTech, ShineDaddy and WebHostGH.

Web Hosting Companies in Zimbabwe

See below the list of the top 10 web hosting companies in Zimbabwe you’ve been looking for.

Marmasco Web Hosting Services





WebZim Hosting

NivaCity Hosting


PnrHost Hosting

Wimasco Hosting

View more details.

Final Thoughts

This is your ultimate list of web hosting companies for beginners and experienced bloggers worldwide. It is time for you to decide whether to buy your domain and web hosting from a local web hosting provider or the more established international ones like Bluehost, GoDaddy, SiteGround, Hostinger or Dreamhost.

Whatever your final choice is, remember that at BloggingtotheMax, we can help you with our top-notch SEO content writing service to enable you to build your profitable dream blog.

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