How to Embed a Mailchimp SignUp Form in WordPress

Today, you’ll learn how to embed a Mailchimp signup form in your WordPress site, I’m going to show you the best way to embed a Mailchimp signup form in your WordPress blog or site. Here, the focus is on the Mailchimp popup signup form.

Before I learnt how to add a Mailchimp email signup form to my first website, I was confused about the whole process. But after some serious research and practice, it became very easy for me to embed a popup signup form or a Mailchimp signup form in my WordPress website.

I don’t think it is proper for you to go through all the hassle I went through when I can simply transfer my knowledge to you about embedding a Mailchimp signup form the easy way.

Moreover, the majority of the guidelines out there are too technical for you and me.

It is funny when you think of how some tech-savvy bloggers present their WordPress instructions as if we all went to Codecademy!

Let’s do it our way, okay?

Embed Signup Form in WordPress

So here is how you can easily add a Mailchimp signup form to your WordPress website.

As usual, I’m going straight to the point. Follow the steps I’ve outlined below. Make sure to act according to the prompts that come up at each stage. Click when you need to. Edit when you have to, and so on and so forth.

Now, here we go again.

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What You Need

  • A self-hosted WordPress website. My area of expertise is gradually becoming WordPress. I know almost nothing about Wix and the other alternatives to WordPress.
  • Mailchimp Account. FREE is good. At least for starters.
  • A code embed plugin. Install and activate it on your site. Complete the necessary settings. What I use is the INSERT HEADERS AND FOOTERS PLUGIN.

I don’t touch my Theme Editor. In fact, I don’t even go near it.

Similarly, I believe you too would want to keep your site far far away from any wahala.

Next. Follow the order here. Keep moving from one to the next.

  • Go to your Mailchimp Account
  • Audience
  • Manage Audience
  • Signup Forms
  • Embedded Forms
  • Choose Form Type. *Please note. CLASSIC is normal. CONDENSED is best for your Sidebar. HORIZONTAL is best for your Footer. I honestly think UNSTYLED is ugly. But it’s your preferences we are talking about here. So please yourself. You can click on each option and view what it looks like.
  • Copy and Paste Code. Unless you know what you’re doing toying with code and your theme editor, I strongly advise that you paste your code inside the plugin field I mentioned earlier.

That’s all. Now you know how to embed a Mailchimp signup form in WordPress. You can refresh your website’s frontend to see the result.

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